When You Go Sheet Music

By JoCo January 4, 2007

Roger sent in a transcription of the voice parts in When You Go – actual sheet music, Sibelius format (free demo version available), I’ve posted a link to it on the lyrics page for that song. There’s a small difference in the opening figure that I’ve explained there. All you a cappella kids get on it, and send me your recordings so I feel loved. Thanks Roger!


LSK says

I don't have Sibelius - can we get a .pdf version?

JoCo says

Sibelius actually has a free, non-saving, demo version you can use to view the file if you like: http://www.sibelius.com/cgi-bin/download/index.pl

craig says

I keep getting a 404 error on the link to the sibelius file...

Elliott says

I'm getting that error too

Chris says

404 here too.

JoCo says

That link is working for me, don't know what's up. But you can find the demo if you go to the downloads area of sibelius.com.

kodamakitty says

Hi JC!

The link to sibelus is working just fine, but the download link for the sheet music from the lyrics page is bringing up the 404 error for me.

I'm excited to see the end result - way to go Roger and JC!

^_^ Liza

JoCo says

Oh, THAT link. Fixed now.

Kodamakitty says

I'm not obsessed, I'm really not. I just really love this song and want to send it to every member of a barbershop quartet I can think of. I know at least three, so I have every plan to make good on this threat/promise.

But alas! While the link is working, the resulting text is gobbeldy-gook! I tried removing the .txt, but that doesn't stop Text Edit from popping up. I use Musicnotes.com on occasion for sheet music, so I know the plug-in works, but this file does not.

Any ideas?

Thanks again - ^_^ Liza

ACapellaGoogler says

Sometime in the past 3 years, the link to the sheet music was removed (probably in a site redesign). I was hoping to bring it to my a capella group. We've talked about arranging Code Monkey for ourselves, but no one has made time to do it yet...

ACapellaGoogler says

Oh, I found it--it's on the guitar tab page now. Yay!