Videos from the Inbox

By JoCo January 3, 2007

From Dana, a WoW video for Chiron Beta Prime. Those poor tiny mini people!

Good old Spiff is at it again, this time taking on Podsafe Christmas Song. More tiny mini people!

Jarod sends in this delightful piece of battery replacement porn using A Laptop Like You, plus bonus footage of bacon frying.

From Mike (actually a non-Spiff Mike), here is this flash video for Sibling Rivalry.

Dr. Rock Star himself, a.k.a. Jonnie Bock, sends this cover of my cover of Baby Got Back. Maybe I should do the bald thing.

And look, this year really HAS been a little crazy for the Andersons.

Here’s another JoCo-soundtracked family Christmas card from Kristin of the Manic Mommies podcast – boy, that guitar solo sounds so perfectly crappy if I do say so myself.

Now, do you see how well my music works with moving images? Do you see, wealthy advertisers who need music for their national ad campaigns?


Glenn says

So many videos, so little time...

Alex says

I really can't wait for "The Movies" to come out for the mac so i can attempt to make a JoCo music video...

Jeremy Henty says

Another winner from Spiff. Does this guy ever have an off-day?

Spiff says

I'm more worried about the day I run out of video-ready JoCo songs. That'll be the day Spiffworld mourns. :(

minimo says

Oh, Jonathan, the guitar solo in Stroller Town totally befits a Beach Boys parody. Anyway, we can't all be Vince---