Here I Am

ByJoCo January 3, 2007

For the last week and a half I’ve been enjoying some family time away from home, and for the last chunk of it I was completely off the grid – no cellphone, no internet, no nothing. It was awesome, but also a little scary, and now I am way behind on almost everything. Happy new year! I’m diving into the inbox today, so if you’ve been thinking that I’m a total dick for not having the decency to even respond to your email: 1) you’re right and 2) I’ll get back to you very soon. Here comes 2007…


DIAS says

Dude, everyone's entitled to some R&R. You work hard as it is (or maybe it's just some elaborate plot to fool the masses into thinking you aren't lazy). Anyway, stay frosty and keep doing what you do whenever it is that you do it. Peace.

Matt says

Family time and hiding from Hodgman due to all those free downloads of AOME. Hope you were able to relax and unwind for a while. Welcome back to the world.

P.S. Senator Stevens would like you to collect your emails and quit clogging the tubes. Thank you.

Kyle Bennett says


Thanks so much for Code Monkey. It's become a standard in our office, especially when the deadlines loom.

The remixes are fun, but they're just not the same. And I think that Ken Wagman's remix ("Speed Monkey") should really be called the "Caffeine Mix".