Harvey Danger Like Fritos

By JoCo December 22, 2006

I think my network is eating itself. Miles points me to this ebay auction in which the band Harvey Danger auctioned off the right to choose a song for them to cover, as part of a charity thing that Seattle paper The Stranger was doing. The winner of the auction, a wonderful young man named Charles, decides that he wants to hear Harvey Danger cover Code Monkey, which thrills me to no end. Then on the band’s message board, lead singer Sean Nelson claims both to have HEARD and ENJOYED this song. I can verify the former, I’ve met, played in front of, and ENJOYED Sean a few times while Hodgman and I were out seeing and being seen in Seattle. But I didn’t know he’d actually NOTICED me. Harvey Danger also has my respect forever because they gave away their last album for free on the internet. Plus, in gathering links for this post, I discovered that Sean was part of The Long Winters, a band that came across my radar (and whom I ENJOY very much) when I met singer and song writer John Roderick at the New York 826 benefit, sometime in the recent past.

Takeaways: 1) a real band made up of real musicians may cover Code Monkey, 2) Harvey Danger and The Long Winters are great, and 3) all roads lead to Hodgman, usually through Seattle.

4) It is time for the Hoboes to take over the United States government.


Jennifer says

Hooray! The Northwest hippie-geek melange is suddenly of use!

Miles says

Hurrah! I thought the news might excite/interest you. I hope there are some other duel Harvey Danger/JoCo fans out there who are as thrilled about this as I am.

Sparky says

Excellent news! I think we are all going to ENJOY the result.

Thien says

I'm with ya Miles. Big fan of both and this is frikkin' cool.

jewlie says

it's like my favorite things are converging!

Sean of the Harvey Danger says

Hooray for music! This may take a month or two, but it is so deeply, profoundly on.

godzuky42 says

The more I think about it, the more excited I get.

Dan ad nauseam says

Any news on whether this ever happened?