Remix Contest Results

By JoCo December 21, 2006

I forgot to blog about this, I was so excited about my special box at the top of the page, but the results are in for the Code Monkey Remix Contest (the JoCo CoMo RemCo). You can see and listen to the complete results at Quick Stop Entertainment, and in fact I urge you to do so. Box Sets one through five are on their way to the lucky winners, and I offer special congratulations to Kristen Shirts, whose fabulously mellow ukulele remix took the number one spot.

Thanks to everyone who entered and judged, it was a lot of fun listening to all the entries…


minimo says

I want to use all kinds of gushy female words about the prize winning entry, but yes, it is ADORABLE and totally obsession worthy.

I Tunes pulled up some Kristen stuff that I am fairly sure is somebody else--maybe two other somebody elses.

KRISTEN! Got any links to your ukelele self?

The Doifter says

I said it in the forum, and I'll say it again: woo hoo! Neglecting grad school in favor of noodling around on the uke pays off! It brings me an inordinate amount of joy to think that Master Shake might have liked my remix.

Minimo, you're very kind, and those iTunes Kristens were most definitely not me. I do have some music of the charmingly-bad-home-recorded variety on my blog, on which I am chronicling my renewed attempts to become a decent musician after having totally OD'd on violin lessons as a child. It's fairly new so there's not much there, and what is there is highly embarrassing, but feel free to click on my nickname above (if I did the thing with the link right) to check it out.

It's already been suggested to me that I should play Code Monkey at the open mic night at the (2nd annual!) New York UkeFest in April. My response was that it would only work if Coulton came and sang it with me, which seems unlikely. But, since I don't resemble a male software developer in any way, I don't think I could really sell that particular song.

Birdguy says

By the way, Kristen, I absolutely adore your little song about discarded futons (go and check it out, everyone). Keep it up. You've also inspired me to finally learn fingerpicking on the ukulele.

Matt says

WOOOO! CODE MONKEY OVERLOAD! Congratulations and very good work to all the winners. I've only listened to a couple of them so far, but they're great. Kristen: your version was just plain fun.

craig says

I was just waiting for a chance to comment... I couldn't find the forum The Doifter mentioned...

I just wanted to say how utterly impressed I was by the creativity of the first place entry. I love how it was a total re-thinking of the concept and yet used many parts of the original. And I'm a music teacher - so I should know! (lol)

I couldn't quit dig the #2 mix... weirdness in the harmonies... eww.

And I liked speedmonkey - its like getting a joco fix in 75% of the time. But wait, there's more! throw in the Ginsu knives!

pudge says

The #2 mix was just painful to me. Intentionally or unintentionally, the chord progressions are all in the wrong places. Sorry, but yuck.

The ukulele one was neat, and the BGVs were especially fun. I would have liked to hear more variation or instrumentation, but overall, I like.

The #5 sped-up entry was worth an honorable mention. Made me laugh.

#3 was creative, but not something I'd want to listen to very often. Technically interesting, and the Office Space clip was a nice touch, and the piano part in the middle was a funny contrast (and very well-performed).

I liked some of #4, but I think the arrangement got a bit lost around the chorus, and never found its way back.

Steve says

Code Monkey remix! Yeah! I want a ukelele too! Really nicely done. And #5 speed monkey = ultimate overdrive + fun. (Ginzu knives, I'm not sure)

Futons says

Ukeleles are way cool.