Two Free Things

By JoCo December 19, 2006

The first, a small token of appreciation and Christmas-y good feelings: over at Quick Stop Entertainment there’s a live version of Christmas is Interesting as performed at Johnny D’s in Somerville last week, featuring the delightful backing vocals and shaker chops of Paul and Storm. Quick Stop are the people running the Code Monkey remix contest, as I know you remember well, the results of which should be available very soon.

And here’s the big present you open last: I know not why (perhaps it is “promotional”), but iTunes is giving away the audio book version of The Areas of My Expertise by John Hodgman. In a deal we made long before he was famous, for every copy you download I get two mouth kisses from John. Go easy, would you?


Glenn says

Offer not available outside the US, aopparently.

I mean the download, not the mouth kisses. That's between you two. (And maybe your wives.)

Mike says

Sorry JC! I just happened to notice the free download while browsing through iTunes on my own and couldn't pass it up. If I'd known about the mouth kisses...well, I still probably would have downloaded it, but with more guilt than glee.

Phineas says

The best part of this audiobook (other than the content which we alreday love) is that under 'genre' it is categorized as 'Self Development'.

Because it so is.

Len says

Hey John! I have the mistletoe over here, buddy and I just downloaded your book. Pucker up, buttercup!

Matt says

I mentioned this to Hodgman before, but when I went to Borders to pick up the CDs, I was searching around and couldn't find it. I finally found it tucked neatly in the Non-Fiction section. Later I went back to buy a copy for an x-mas present and found that they're continuing to stock it in the same section.

Hmmm ... I'm almost afraid to ask, but if downloading it gets you two kisses, what does actually purchasing it (twice) get you?

Gle3nn says

I previously purchased the book and the chalk. When I discovered there was an audio book version I could have had instead, I was quite put out. Thankfully this offer came along before I did anything permanently damaging to myself. Thank you very much. You have saved Christmas!

craig says

free stuff! cha-ching! this rocks :-)

Batshua says


…Mm, slashy goodness!

(Just kidding! Don't kill me!)

DaveW says

Can't say I care much for Christmas is Interesting, but I did pass on the free audio book info to the whole office; better break out the ChapStick and get ready.

Andrea says

This is excellent! And I always wanted a copy of the John Hodgman Intro Song. Sweet information!

minimo says

>two mouth kisses from John.

Are you sure this isn't a plug for your next Internet venture, Jonathan?

Melina says

I actually looked you up after listening to the free download I randomly decided to get. I enjoyed the theme song :c) Sorry to hear I have contribute to the kissing, but it was worth it on my end :cp

Shannon says

Sorry Jonathan. I just downloaded the free audio book yesterday. What if I tell other people about the free download? Extras for being referred? Be careful.

HellZiggy says

Pucker up, babe!
I already downloaded it this morning so you've got two free kisses coming from John!

Scott says

Free video from Johnny D's, free audio from Johnny D's, blah, blah, blah. How am I to get the respect and adulation that I deserve if no one has any record of my contributions to Chiron Beta Prime?

JohnBoze says

That's fricken awesome! Found this on my own, then came by here to harass you...

Found the free download, went to Amazon, saw your image there, and I gotta say, listening to you I never saw the beard.

You seem to sing in a cleanshavenish way...

Paul from Elk River says

That's fricken awesome! Found this on my own, then came by here to harass you...

Found the free download, went to Amazon, saw your image there, and I gotta say, listening to you I never saw the beard.

You seem to sing in a cleanshavenish way...



JohnBoze says

Double post?

Nah, I'm not even sure who that other guy is...

Paul in Elk River says

Wow it's like the Little Gray Books Podcast, but very very long...

JohnBoze says

You use WordPress.

Hodgman uses Blogger.


I suppose this once more disproves the conspiracy theories where you and Hodgman are both elaborate personality constructs of John Flansburgh...

Jess says

Is there some kind of exchange system worked out? Like, if 10 people download the book, you can bypass ten mouth kisses in exchange for letting him slip you the tongue?

(Apparently Hodgman is the homoerotic aggressor in this scenario. Wonder what that says about me.)

JohnBoze says

Relax, apparently you're just really into tweed...

The tweed scene may seem too deeply counterculture to you, but really I hear they're the next Furries...

Andrew says

Are you still wearing your extra large hands?

GrumpierThanThou says

I can at least vouch for Scott's "message redacted" as having been eminently plausibly robot overlordy.

Listening to the Christmas is Interesting mp3 makes me want the whole Somerville show. The YoogleTube audio via little camera microphone isn't very spectacular, did the whole thing get committed to tape?

GrumpierThanThou says

(As I recall, Paul & Storm did say that the show was being recorded, though perhaps only the things they were involved in..?)

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