The Jam, The Java

By JoCo December 19, 2006

Another great show, thank you everyone for coming out and bringing friends. We had about 200 people at Jammin Java on Sunday, which is really huge and scary (especially when everyone is making zombie noises). Paul and Storm had a great set too, and we closed the evening out with a 3-part harmony Duran Duran cover. The rock juice was flowing freely that night, and some of it even got my socks wet.

What an incredible week – four huge shows, Box Sets selling like hotcakes, inbox overflowing. You guys rule.


Sally-Anne says

AND we got a visit from Fudgie the Whale! (Ice cream and crunchies in his fudgie tail!)

Carriep says


Jen says

THEY got Fudgie the Whale AND a Duran Duran cover? Holy Barbarella, I'm so jealous!!! If we feed you extra Cobb salad, can we at least get some Simon Le BonBons up here in PA?

bjp says

Great show! Really had a good time and all the people I dragged along were glad they came. Though one of them was disappointed you didn't give out fabulous prizes like Paul and Storm :-P

Zach says

Every time you come to DC, my kids gets sick. :( Is there a causal relationship between these events?

Tina says

That was one totally awesome show -- I have not had that much fun in quite a while!

John says

My wife and I had a great time as well. The Duran Duran encore was a nice bit of spontaneity, and the teamwork among all three performers during both sets enhanced the fun of the evening. We're looking forward to your next visit to town, whenever it may be, although given the curve of your current popularity trends you may be doing arena shows by then. :-)

Aimee says

Man, that was an AWESOME SHOW. It was my first time ever seeing you in concert and stuff and I have to admit, next time you come down here I will make all of my friends come, buy tickets and then empty the contents of their wallets at the merchandise table (as I did!).

Unbelievably cool. Also, thanks for the cake!

Erin says

Okay, inquiring minds need to know ... WHAT Duran Duran song was covered? Not that I need to torture myself about missing it, you understand.

John says

They mostly covered "Hungry Like The Wolf," including an interspersed bonus game of trying to discover which of the stupid lyrics in the second verse JoCo was simply pulling out of his ear (ans: all of them, but they were still much better than the original). There was a brief interlude in the bridge where they swung over to the "Rio" chorus, and then came back to HLTW.

Heather says

What a fantastic show! I am now a Paul and Storm fan as well. Funny little tid-bit I wanted to share with you. After the show Marc and I were standing outside chatting with my dad and his wife that we brought along, and I noticed something odd about Marc's shirt. It happened to have one of my co-workers names on it. Marc was wearing the RE: Your Brains t-shirt with the memo on it. The memo is signed Robert Morris. My co-worker is Bob Morris! What cracks me up about the whole thing, is I can totally see him being the Bob in the song, and now every time I see him, your song runs through my head. Thanks so much, it's so much easier to smile when I see him now!

Jess says

Yeah, I peed my pants a little at that show.

Janet says

I was at the Jammin' Java concert on December 17th and it was hugely fun. This was actually a surprise to me, since I have recently become an Old Person, and barely knew what to do when I got there. And the staff pouring coffee all appeared to be about twelve years old... but I needn't have worried. It was a benign and faintly geeky crowd, and I felt right at home. So at home that when the actual Jonathan Coulton walked past me, I felt emboldened to just hand him the soft toy weasel I'd brought him. It was because.... well, I used to work at IKEA, and that's how I'd first run across him on YouTube, and recently I'd seen a John Hodgson video in which Hodgson addressed Coulton as "feral mountain man," so I decided he needed a weasel. The poor thing was perplexed by being accosted in the aisle as well as by the weasel. There was background noise, a white-haired woman pressing weasels on him, a baffling half-audible explanation....

But it was a magical night; I got to be in the mass zombie chorus, was introduced to Paul and Storm, heard almost all my fave Jonathan Coulton hits, and I didn't even have to sacrifice any monkeys, or ponies, to express my appreciation.