Show Recap

By JoCo December 17, 2006

Friday night was Mo Pitkins – sold out show. Dude. This is getting serious. Sorry to everyone who couldn’t get in, next time we’ll have to find a bigger venue. I was a little troubled by the green room situation, which was really more of a bathroom with a drumset in it. The choices were 1) stand next to the toilet, or 2) sit on the toilet. Here’s a picture of Storm enjoying option 2 (if you know what I mean):

Storm on John

And last night was Milkboy in Ardmore, PA – another sold out show. What the hell is going on here? Who are all you people? This was my third time at Milkboy and it’s really an excellent venue, it always sounds good, and the audience vibe is perfect. I had a Cobb salad and a black and white milkshake – what else do you need really?

Tonight Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA. I think this is going to be a big one, the crowds are always good there, and we seem to be having a particularly good run (thanks NPR!). And speaking of good runs, I’m afraid the Thing a Week Box Set has sold out at CDBaby already – more are on the way, and I think should be there by Tuesday. And then I’m out of boxes. Holy cow.


Batshua says

Yet again I couldn't make it to Milkboy on account of drowning in schoolwork. Drop by there again a few times next semester, eh?

Shannon says

Wish I could have been there. Alas I live way too far away. You really need to come to the Ann Arbor Michigan area or Toledo Ohio. You'd atleast be guaranteed an audience of 2.

supersamuraiseung says

psyched about tonight's show. ITS MY 18th BIRTHDAY! looking forward to seeing you again jon!

The Doifter says

The Mo Pitkin's show was awesome, Coulton was very nice to me (the ukulele girl) and that was the tiniest setlist I have ever seen. What was that, a gum wrapper?

Alex says

You shouldn't be surprised at all about the venues being packed, You, Paul, and Storm are all great musicians and rocked MoPitkins!

Some more picture from that night:

cyaneyed says

wow alex, your MoPitkins photos rock. (i love your tmbg set).

here i thought i was being original in posting photos, but my only addition is that these are from the show at javajeff's. :) my deepest apologies to everyone i flashed, i was close to the stage and managed to blind everyone at least once.

for those who'd like to see JoCo and Paul and Storm highlights, check it out:

Mike says

Your show at Jammin Java rocked! JJ was packed. Thanks for playing Mandelbrot Set.

Also, to the guys who sat directly behind me in the second row, I'm sorry I had to shush you abruptly. I was so for forward that I was sitting on the wrong side of the speakers and you were actually drowning out Mr. Coulton. Also, I am positive that this: is the Star Wars script you were talking about.

Don says

Jeez Mike, why would you ever feel the need to apologize in the slightest for asking someone to STOP TALKING DURING THE SHOW? It's been about a year and a half but I still resent having had to turn around during a show at Wolf Trap and tell the people behind me "I can hear you and I really don't want to."

Mike says

They weren't talking. They were singing along. Enthusiastically. I didn't want to harsh their fun. (And I didn't, so it ended happily). The online apology was really just an excuse to post the Star Wars link (they were talking about it and I was fairly certain I knew the url).

milo says

Last year the Milkboy was in Canada while i was skiiing.;)

Phil says

Grumblemumble, the Thing-a-Week Boxed Set already sold out ... again. Guess I was a few minutes too slow. No chance there'll be more after the holiday season?

Dave says

I didn't mind the singers in the second row, Mike. At least they were more or less in tune, which isn't always the case!

Kevin says

Made it to the show last night at Jammin Java and you guys rocked completely. Thanks for an awesome show!

Will "scifantasy" Frank says

I didn’t mind the singers in the second row, Mike. At least they were more or less in tune, which isn’t always the case!

Thanks for that. *grin*

Yes, the Second Row Singers (not actually a group, but now I'm seriously considering doing something with that name) consisted of me, Rob Balder, and Geordie Keitt. Of the three of us, Geordie and Rob have actually produced CDs, and I haven't, so really, if any one of us was going to be out of tune, it would have been me, so I'm taking the affirmations of tune-ness as a personal compliment.

Mike: Thanks for the link--that has to be it. Thanks.

Tony Fabris says

> What the hell is going on here? Who are all you people?

You shouldn't be surprised. Your songs are clever, funny, infectious earworms. Once you have a fan, you've got him for life. And we proselytize. So the numbers of us Monkey Minions can only grow exponentially.

(The NPR appearance didn't hurt, either.)

We luv ya, dude.

Soon, you'll be playing sold-out arena gigs, and I'll be saying, "yeah, I knew him back before he was famous." (And you'll be saying, "who let this freak backstage? He's not supposed to be here! Security! Security!")

Dona says

Glad you had a good show at Jammin Java. We were not able to attend. Will catch you next time.

Spencer says

Yeah, when JoCo gets that sold-out arena gig, I'll be waving my original burned CDs of Thing A Week, saying, "I was there! I was there, dammit!"