CD Stock

By JoCo December 14, 2006

Everything is back in stock at CDBaby (except for TAW3, TAW4, and the TAW box set, all of which are so close to being available I can taste them). Amazon I’m not so sure about, they move much more slowly, but I did just send another batch to them – if you want stuff by Christmas, CDBaby’s probably the way to go. Get ’em while they last though, this NPR thing has brought buckets of new people into the mix – welcome, interlopers!


manstraw says

congrats on your success with this JC. although I've donated a small amount of money, I'm poor, so that wasn't much of a contribution. But I've been pimping the hell out of you to everyone, and I hope i've contributed enough little ripples, that they helped by combining with the other ripples to build in to the wave you're feeling right now. really man, like, congrats!

Len says

I'm really looking forward to seeing what the box set looks like. It would have been great to package the VTAW booklet with the box sets, but I think the box set will be a great package in and of itself.

Why must mass printing be so expensive? :(