Boston Bidness

By JoCo December 13, 2006

Wow, what a great show last night. You were all so big and loud and fun – one of those shows where I felt like it was impossible to make any mistakes, and even if I did you would still love me. This was demonstrated quite effectively at the Pandemonium Books pre-show show, where I hacked my way through the worst version of “Brookline” I’ve ever played. And still the love keeps coming. Thanks everyone for coming out.

I meant to take a picture of the audience but forgot. Instead, here’s a shot of me showing off my fancy “performer” hand stamp, which got me special treatment with regard to booze. It reminds me of something…



Glenn says

Hey, I've been to both Johhny D's and Pandemonium! I wonder if anyone I know from the area got to see it.

Josh says

Awesome show last night! I, and clearly the rest of the group, had so much fun. I've never seen such an energetic group of zombie pirates... maybe they were all hopped up on calamari?

Bill says

Really enjoyed the pre-show at Pandemonium last night - mistakes and all - the small-crowd interplay was memorable.

Denis says

Seemed like pretty much all of the geeks of Somerville/Cambridge/Arlington showed up, or knew someone who did - I felt like I recognized every face in the room, though not many names.

John Trussell says

Sigh. If only it hadn't been a Tuesday night on a week when I really couldn't afford a late night. I hate being a grown-up (or at least pretending to be one).

I just keep telling myself that I got to see you (and the Hodg-man) at the Lady Killegrew, and so it was someone else's turn to get a front-row spot this time. ;)

Ben says

During the Mandelbrot Set song I couldn't help thinking about how the math community recently lost one of the unsung heros of the Mandelbrot Set story: Adrien Douady. The wikipedia entry for the Mandelbrot Set mentions Hubbard and Douady as really getting the mathematical ball rolling but it's hard to understate Hubbard and Douady's roll. There's even a particular Julia set named after Douady
He died Nov 2 in a swimming accident in France.

Joe Kesselman says

"Brain! Brain!"

You did encourage us to make zombie noises, remember... You're just lucky I didn't think to start the chant of "Brain!" until the last verse.

"Eat brain!"

Seriously, good to catch you in person, and glad you had fun with the performances. I've had half an eye on Thing-a-Week ever since a friend pointed it out to me; I need to attempt a lighter-weight version of that myself since both my songwriting and production chops desperately need a workout.

"Eat John's brain?"
"Nuuuuh. Listen now. Eat later."
"Ohhh. Yuuuuuh."

marie says

thanks for a fun show at pandemonium and for being a good sport about taking my request for "brookline". :-)

Lindsay says

Mandlebrot Set from last night

*kicks self for not taking along better video camera*
still wicked awesome though!

Connie H says

You were just everything that I could have hoped for in person -- I already knew you were smart & funny & talented, but you're a great performer as well.

I'm still wondering why you gave me a look when I requested "Mr. Fancy Pants". I could just as easily asked for "Stroller Town" or "I'm Your Moon" or "A Walk With George" or about a dozen others that are my Number [N] favorites....

Micah says

My friends and I came out from the wilds of Western MA for both shows, and even though I did this in person before we walked out the door, thanks for playing "First of May" for us. That was the song that introduced us to your music, and it really made our night!

Lance says

So, truth be told, I heard about the concert and said, "Cool, Paul and Storm are coming back to town! Who's Jonathan Coulton?" Well, not quite true: I knew a couple of your songs. Mostly "Skullcrusher Mountain" and "Baby Got Back", though a friend had shown us the Flickr video/song a few months ago. But basically, I knew Paul and Storm, and friends had said "yeah look trust us you'll like the other guy."

They were right. It was a terrific show, and a great way to become familiar with your work. The mathematician in me that got left behind when I graduated from college loved "Mandelbrot Set", and I was kind of strangely moved by "I'm Your Moon". And I can't imagine hearing the zombie song *without* an entire room of people chanting "All we want to do is eat your brains". So: thanks for a wonderful performance!

Amanda says

We really enjoyed your version of Brookline though! Thanks for coming

rainbeau says


Some friends of mine in Oklahoma here played "First of May." I will buy your CD very soon.

I also have a friend who sent me a file of John R. Butler's "Hand of the Almighty." Have you heard this? That and your song are some of the best things I've heard in years.