By JoCo December 11, 2006

Wowza. I guess this “N. P. R.” is a big thing. If you tried to do anything on this site yesterday, you may have had some trouble. Seems better today, so if you bought something and couldn’t download it, give it another shot now. Apologies to everyone, especially my awesome hosts, who are very patient with me and my zany bandwidth.

If you missed the Weekend Edition interview, it’s now online. People tell me I sound very relaxed – probably the ludes talking.

Also, The Sound of Young America has posted that live show I did in NYC – I should say, there are other folks performing too, it’s not just me. In fact, the whole thing is awesome. Check it out.


Spiff says

I noticed this morning that the views/day for my WoW/Coulton videos had had a giant spike over the weekend, but couldn't figure out why. Views/day for Code Monkey more than doubled, Re: Your Brains got a 50% boost, Creepy Doll tripled, and inexplicably, Skullcrusher Mountain's views/day jumped by a factor of five! After coming here and checking out the N.P.R. link, I see that they have a link to my Creepy Doll video, which is just fabulous! :)

Spiff says

That was a great interview. I can't help but notice that you caved in to The Man and wimped out on singing "maybe manager want to write goddamned login page himself". You're so Establishment now, man. ;)

Gina says

New to you, new to the site. Thanks NPR! I'm telling all my friends about your music.

Molly says

You're the best thing I've heard since I stumbled into Stephen Sondheim 20 years ago. Stay the course. Steady on. Feet on the ground. Good luck! Keep writing! Even after the money comes....

Me... says

Yaay... JoCo's finally getting the attention he deserves... :D

Rosemary says

I just looked at all the cds on Amazon. Which one contains "You Ruined Everything"? Or did I get the name wrong? The one sung on NPR...and yes, it made me tear up, too!

Matt says

A friend of mine sent me a youtube link to Re Your Brains on friday. I waited to listen to you on Weekend Edition and had a great time listening to you.

Dude, I do I.T. in a 10X10 box with no windows all day. I LOVES the Code Monkey. I.T. Monkey feel you pain. I.T. Monkey been buying good man's music all weekend.

You've got it, Jonathan! I'm pullin for ya and fwd'ing your links to eveyone I can think of (that and sending you my money one dollar at a time)!

Andrea says

Rosemary, "You Ruined Everything" will be on the Thing A Week IV album, which should be available on CDBaby very soon. Also, you can buy that song for $1 from the Songs page -- it's the second link from the left up in the top banner there.

robinv says

Great interview on NPR! I am new to you and your blog too. Loved the music I heard. Keep it up! We will all be listening.

Glenn says

Old to you, old to the site. I was going to buy a robot or something yesterday to say hi to the NPR listeners, but apparently by the time I heard it, so had the rest of the world. Pretty amazing, too, since they didn't even give out your URL that I noticed.

Less child-rearing! More squid!

Ryan says

JoCo, I have a feeling yer gonna get mainstream recognition left and right in 2007. You certainly deserve it. Your songwriting and playing beats 99% of what I hear on the radio and see on TV. Best wishes for the new year, and I wish you much success!

Len says

Great interview, Jonathan! It's no Jawbone Radio interview, but then again, what is? ;)

Len says

Oh and BTW, I extend my prediction for the year of the Coulton to 2007. Woot!

winegeek says

You are responsible for my perma-grin since last January when I first heard you (don't ask why, but I happened to be googling "Baby got Back" at the time...the rest is history).

When you schedule your world tour, would you please come to Portland, OR?

Congratulations on the killer NPR interview...may it reap you millions, and minions...

mike says

I want Dance Soterios Johnson Dance

Aleesa says

WOW Jonathan! We are new to your music (the NPR interview was great). I haven't giggled that hard in a long time. Keep it going. Thanks for living your dream!!! Keep going! :)

Genevieve says

I know you've heard this already, but I caught your interview on NPR and really enjoyed it...your songs are wonderful and clever--you have (another) new fan. Thanks!

Marysusan says

J.C., I must say that your NPR interview touched an uber-geek chord in my heart...and now your albums are on my non-denominational festivus list. Code Monkey is such a damned earworm that I find myself listening to it about every 3 hours just to keep it in check.

Thanks to you and NPR for turning me on to some of the best damned songwriting outside of the Magnetic Fields.

SC says

Ohmygoodness. So, last Sunday, I was feeding my 3 week old first born and my husband shouted at me to "come in here, quick"... I raced to him and found him staring into space - what could be so important? He was listening to the start of "You Ruined Everything" on your NPR interview. We sat there holding our child between us and grinned/sobbed our exhausted eyes out. My husband is not an emotional guy, but he has been telling everyone he can about you in the last week, crediting you for capturing his exact thoughts in your short little verses. Thanks for giving shape to our most current emotional experience. I am forwarding your site to everyone I know.

Love When you Go and Stoller Town as well. Keep em coming!