Terrorists Win

By JoCo December 6, 2006

Flatulence begets shame begets terror, and all of a sudden the plane is forced to land. (In a related story, I had to throw away a perfectly good bottle of water when I flew out of Columbus.)


Jen says

I had to throw away a perfectly good bottle of (sealed) BBQ sauce in Nashville. I HATE those terrorist fuckers.

Kodamakitty says

I can totally relate (to the bottled water part, not the shameful plane debilitating flatulence part).

I purchased a bottle of pop right before security check in Indianapolis and had to throw it out as well. In my haste to purchase something edible and heaven forbid, hydrate myself before takeoff, I missed the itty bitty signs on the register warning me that I wasn't buying liquids in a "sterile zone." It's highway robbery, I tell you!

And yet, the Kolache I purchased didn't even raise an eyebrow. What if I had hidden some sort of nefarious microorganism that when released, would make all the women beautiful and all the men shorter than Woody Allen in Casino Royale. Honestly!

Anyway, despite the lure of the road and the glamour of touring, I am glad that you are safe and sound and home for the holidays!

^_^ Liza

notshakespeare says

Here's the trick.

Drink the water while in line - all of it. You can now take your empty bottle through security. Once pass security go to the nearest drinking foutain and refill it.

mistercomputerguy says

It is not just the terrorists that are winning. Also the people in this country that refuse to see the problem (for what it is and who is responsible) are winning.

Grandma and my five year old kid are not the problem. Men eighteen to thirty with violent religious (they aren't Methodists, either) tendencies are doing all of the terror.

"Head in the Sand People" in this country want you inconvenienced with long waits and to feel like a criminal at the airport, so that they can feel better about about themselves. Profiling makes them feel guilty.

The Israli screening policy is the best in the world. Your BBQ sauce is only one of many losses here. Sorry for your loss. We are all losing our liberty to feel-good do-gooders, everyday.

Misty says

The title of this entry reminds me of my husband's Socom obsession. Seals Victorious.