Coulton Alert System

By JoCo December 6, 2006

Still online, even though my enemies have tried to take it out many times.


Bob says

Neat. I see from the alert that you've got a gig with Sean Altman. That's great; he's really good and usually gets a pretty good-sized crowd, so you should get a lot of exposure from that gig.

Matt says

Ah, such is the power of the Coulton. The power to defeat any enemy. Or at least say rather loudly "Excuse me, could you please stop that?" Have they no idea that "Jonathan Coulton" is simply an anagram of "Thou jolt a cannon!" which was a powerful battle cry in medieval England? No army was ever defeated if that phrase was uttered before the battle. Of course, it's also an anagram for "Tho not anal junco" and "John on la oat cunt" so I'm not sure exactly what to make of that. But neither will his enemies! It will keep them guessing until it's too late!

Either that, or I'm running a fever again. It could go either way.

Bob says

Dude! Gimme some of what you're smoking.....

Matt says

The truly frightening thing is, other than the cold that's sending some interference, that's basically just how my brain works.

As one of my favorite quotes goes: "Of course I'm out of my mind. It's dark and scary in there."

Mike says

So, what you're saying is that even your henchmen think you're crazy?

johnarne says

My response to Matts anagrams: "Ha, loon! Taunt Jon C!"

I'm sure you've all noticed that "a lot tan? Uh, no, not JC". But did you also know that he "cut John Anon. [Hodgman, presumably] a lot"? That's probably why he "can't loan out John". But why does "JoCo loath tan nun"?

Well, to me he'll always be "Count J, a tonal hon".

Matt says

Mike: Precisely.


Johnarne: I bow to your superior anagrammatical expertise.