Visual Thing a Week Book

By JoCo December 4, 2006

The ultimate humilation: Len’s masterpiece is ready before mine is. Here’s a book of all his Thing a Week images, in loving color, bound for your convenience and safety. Available for purchase now at – it would go very nicely with a Thing a Week Box Set, don’t you think?


Len says

Yes, Joco is right. Although this book is slightly larger than the orginal CDs, it does make a nice companion piece to the box set. What a wonderfully wonderful holiday season this will be!

Glenn says

If only all us minions were so talented as to publically humiliate you.

Also: note that the text clear calls for "Lobsters, Zombies, Monkeys and Robots"! Now, granted, none of these are squid, but lobster is at least in the proper vein. I imagine the Lobster donation could be a $35 donation -- or possibly seasonal.

Eric Ginsberg says

Hey, remember that voicemail I left you a little under a week ago? Guess you were already on top of it. But I still like my perforation idea.


Eric Ginsberg says

Oh yeah, and I bought your frickin' books.