Code Monkey A Cappella

By JoCo December 4, 2006

Here’s a video of RIT’s Surround Sound singing their arrangment of Code Monkey. I’ve finally broken through into a cappella! My meme will not be stopped now. You may be interested to know that the hat he’s wearing has a can of Tab and a can of Mountain Dew (um, yuck?), and the bags being thrown into the crowd are Fritos.

Speaking of Code Monkey, where the hell are my damn remixes? Doesn’t anybody want to win the first ever autographed copy of the Thing a Week Box Set? Actually a few people have entered, but not enough for my taste. I want to make these judges WORK. The deadline is 12/9 – let’s make it happen people…


Glenn says

I'd remix if I had the talent and the tools. And, well, the time.

Hey, I think I might know that middle singer in the green. Maybe others, if they play Go. And I do seem to recall preaching the Coulton catechism last time I was at the Go Congress. (Update: no, I think I'm just deluded.)

Glenn says

this has nothing to do with Bush. Actually, the acoustic version feels odd with the extreme imagery.

craig says

pardon my naiveté, but what is RIT?

Joe says

RIT is the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Mike says

Wow. You know you've made it once your music has gone a-cap. Congrats, Jonathan!

Radek says

is there any written and or unwriten rule about submiting more than one remix, I submited one but it was a hard call and I'd hate to not have the other one submited, they're in wildly diferent styles too.

JoCo says

Sure, you can submit as many as you want. Just submit for heaven's sake.

Clint Herron says

Hey JoCo,

I just wanted to let you know that I faithfully advertised your code monkey remix, and even went through the trouble of creating a somewhat funny writeup for posting to Slashdot about the remix contest, but alas, it was rejected.

Some people have no taste.

So I submitted the post in a slightly re-worked form to a forum I frequent, and that resulted in someone remixing it that very evening (this was on the first day of the contest).

My remix skills aren't really up to snuff. I did write another verse and try to get my wife to sing it -- it's from the perspective of the secretary. But we just ran out of time.

Enough excuses. Sorry JoCo! I have failed you. :(

LindsayD says

woohoo. someone from RIT did something musical! i'm really amazed...

just graduated from there, must have the smallest number of music groups of any school... but that's cuz we're all really cool techie types!

love you joco, i'm gonna come to your show in B-town next week!
you rock my socks off!

Joe Kesselman says

I'd be interested in attempting a remix, but... well, note the date, and I'm into end-of-year deadlines besides... If the raw files stay available I may take a crack at it even if the contest is officially over.

JBedford says


Actually, almost everyone in the group that performed the song a cappella (RIT's Surround Sound) is a really cool techie type, if you believe it. They're a mix of computational math, computer science, computer engineering, industrial engineering and a few other majors (one photo major, too, I believe). I know because I co-founded the group with a bioinformatics major, and I'm in database administration myself :). It's just a bunch of guys that love music and do a pretty good job of it... check out the website and ask how you can get a CD ;)

PS - You're awesome, Jonathan!

LB says

Go Computational Mathematicians @ RIT!