Birthday Presents (or at least, that’s what I’m calling them)

By JoCo December 1, 2006

John Scalzi did a little interview with me for the Dayton Daily News (registration required at DDN, but the full interview is on his site). Thanks John!

This robot spin art machine uses Code Monkey in its soundtrack. Also, it’s a ROBOT SPIN ART machine. Thanks Vern!

The Random Signal podcast has an interview with me that I did with Jason and Mur a million years ago when John Hodgman and I were in Chapel Hill, NC. Thanks Jason and Mur!

As Dethroner reports, and Hodgman points out to me, a cargo container fell off a ship and thousands of bags of Doritos washed up on shore in North Carolina. Thanks Poseidon!

Tonight: Little Brother’s – bring your momma. If anyone is driving there from North Carolina, please bring some of the Doritos you collected from the beach.


Dave says

Happy birthday, JoCo!

Annie says

Happy birthday!

(insert joke in which I work "Code Monkey" into the birthday song)

Matt says

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Now all the North Carolinians need is some bean dip to fall from a plane and they'll be set.

Mike says

Many happy returns of the day!

Mythgarr says

What Matt, are you INSANE? Do you have any idea what happens when cans of bean dip suffer a fall that far?! My god - think of the CHILDREN!

Len says

Happy Birthday!

We were lucky enough to give JoCo a bunch of cards in person last night. My kids made cards and I presented him with some original VTAW images. :)

minimo says

I was an old school spin art operator in my teens, on the Jersey boardwalk...

Gle3nn says

Happy birthday from all of us in LaLa Land
where we're workin for the man
making less than we deserve
did I say making less?
I meant we're rich now.
Happy birthday from us in LaLa Land.

Stephen says

RoboSpinArt I would like to know the technical aspects
and how it's made (need info) terrific way to revolutionize a new art form.