Tour Update

By JoCo November 30, 2006

Well, here we are again mid-tour and I haven’t posted one update. What the hell is wrong with me? I need a Treo, that’s what’s wrong with me. All this time in the car and no internet access makes me very sad.

Anyhoo, I’ll say this about Birdy’s in Indianapolis: I got the 13-ball multiball on the Apollo 13 pinball machine. You know what? Turns out, too many balls. It’s not as much fun as you would think. There was a small but enthusiastic crowd, a smoke machine, and some kind of crazy stage light show, so everything turned out OK.

Tuesday was Schuba’s in Chicago. Nice big crowd, all juiced up on crazy juice – also, Centipede. It was a pretty even mix of our respective fans, so I think we all came out winners on this one. Nice work people.

Wednesday, The Intersection in Grand Rapids. We stopped at a fried chicken place on the way out of town (Cap’n Hook’s Fish and Chicken, which in retrospect should have tipped us off) and regretted it the rest of the day. Note to self: next time do not order fried gizzards. Really big crowd, mostly Paul and Storm folks, but they were also very good to me. I kind of wish there hadn’t been a punk band making loud boomy noises in the other part of the building during my set, but what are you gonna do?

And we just returned from Wilbert’s in Cleveland – I was a little off here I think, I kept forgetting where I was and what I was doing. But there were many nice people who clapped and laughed in all the right places, and at least a few who were REALLY excited about Mandelbrot Set. Then we ordered pizza and did a little podcast interview/round table with Len and Nora of Jawbone Radio – this was the first time I’d ever met them in person. What a couple of assholes. Kidding!

Tomorrow: Little Brother’s in Columbus. Saturday: Canal Street Tavern in Dayton. Also, Friday is my birthday – who wants sheet cake?


Chris Miller says

It was a great show, JC. Bravo! Thanks for coming!

Greg Cox says

I had fun at the Cleveland show, so did my group. We'll come back if you do.

Bob says

> too many balls. It’s not as much fun as you would think.

Sounds like a gay orgy gone bad. ;-)

I have a Treo, BTW. I highly recommend it. (You need to be a propeller-head to get it to work well for you, but once you've got it going it's fantastic. The less technology-literate types should stick to blackberries. :-) )

I'm eagerly anticipating your triumphant return to Mo Pitkin's.

Len says

Our van started freaking out right after we left you guys tonight. I lost my power steering right before we hit the highway, the car started overheating and Nora and I almost died on the way home. :(

Ok, I'm kidding about the almost dying thing, but it was harrowing nonetheless. Trying to paralell park a car without power steering really sucks. Hard.

Chris Radcliff says

It's your birthday on Friday? Happy Birthday!

I'll give you your present at the next San Diego show. ;)

Chris Radcliff says

In case that was too subtle, I'm bribing you to do a show in San Diego. If you do, you'll get a... oh, I don't know what the cool kids want these days. An awesome t-shirt from XKCD or something.

Just don't ask for it in advance of actually showing up. I'm not falling for that twice.

Brian Sebby says

I was at your Chicago show at Schubas and had a blast - both you and Paul and Storm were terrific! I hope you guys come back to Chicago again.

Oh, and happy birthday!

Jen says

The Cleveland show was awesome! Thanks for coming and playing for us.

Jesse says

The cleveland show was great! Don't let it be too long before you're back through the area. Mandelbrot = awesome.

Also, happy birthday!

Tim says

Great show in Indianapolis. And thanks for the T-shirt, you're too kind.

Happy birthday!

Andrea says

Happy birthday to you!
You belong on a morning zoo!
You look like a little code monkey
But your odor is unremarkable!

Have a great birthday, don't get in a car accident from all the crazy weather! Had SOOOOOO much fun at Schuba's. Come back soon!

JonBob says

Great show in GR. Having Paul and Storm for backing vocals really fleshes out some of the tracks nicely. I'm a bit jealous that Cleveland got to hear Mandelbrot Set, though!

Happy birthday!

Erica says

Hey, what can I say? Mandelbrot Set is a great song. I get excited about these things! Sometimes I even ululate.

Also, happy birthday! Mine was on Wednesday, and the concert was sort of an extended birthday celebration. You helped make it a good one! Thank you again!

Glenn Peters says

Happy birthday!

Now, turn off the robot army and make a wish!

Shruti says

Happy birthday.
I would have come to the Indy concert if it were, you know, legal.
I should protest or something. Stop the discrimination against the under-21 crowd now! Or else live with your marred and twisted souls forever! ...Except catchier.

mersmann says

Loved the show at Schuba's - you were right, tons better than HoB. Come back soon!

Len says

Jen, you were there in Cleveland? Why didn't you say hi?

Sean says

My wife asked me to go and see Paul and Storm with her. I figured it would be a fun way to kill a few hours. You can't imagine the enormity of my wood (proverbial, of course) when I found out you were performing. My new shiny Code Monkey T-shirt has now taken the place of honor in my closet from my "No, I won't fix your computer" tee. Great show and happy birthday!

minimo says

Happy generic royalty free restaurant birthday song!
(Clap clap!)
Such a Happy generic royalty free restaurant birthday song!
(Clap clap clap!)

Matt says

Happy Birthday and thanks for the Schuba's show, my wife and I really enjoyed it (and were quite entertained by Paul & Storm as well.) Hope to see you again soon.

HellZiggy says

Happy Birthday!
May the robot overlords (did I say overlords? I meant protectors.) bring you everything you ask for!

Roman Verzub says

A bit late, I know, but yeah I was at the show, and yes, I was one of the ones overly excited about the Mandelbrot set... Great show, be back soon.