Couple of Vids

By JoCo November 27, 2006

Here is proof that JoCo has the beat to make the booty go clap, at least if you are baby who listens to Stroller Town.

Craig the college math professor will show this Mandelbrot Set video to his students, whereupon their brains will fall out of their heads.

A W’s Duty vid from Danny. FYI, it has nothing to do with Naruto…


Mike says

Re: Mandelbrot Set. Excellent. I've wanted to see a video for it that included the other fractal sets. Also you bleeped out the f-word. We were listening to the cd and decided to skip this one because it has the f-word. When my seven year old niece asked what the f-word was, we replied "fractal."

Glenn says

Ha, fractal. Every time I see a video zooming in on the Mandelbrot set, I wish they'd do it faster.

I'm still not sure that that video has nothing to do with Naruto. Methinks the Danny doth protest too much!

mike says

Here's a Re: Your Brain video but prezombie

craig says

Thanks for the love on the video. I hope my students respond in kind. And JoCo bleeped out the wordy dird for me, which was handy.

Brent M says

I had that little professor calculator as a child! (the one in the Mandelbrot Set video) I'd totally forgotten it existed until now. Huge nostalgia flashback.

Danny (as mentioned in news) says

yay my videos up ^_^

sorry about the "nothing to do with naruto" part that confuses people, if orgot to take it out, it was in there because it was something i originally made for my friends who kept bugging me for a naruto video


JoCo rox

Gle3nn says

I loved the way the word was bleeped in Mandelbrot set. I thought the pg version of Code Monkey should have been done with a monkey screech rather than silence or backward messages from satan..I mean backward lyrics.
Is that Mandelbrot version mp3 available anywhere yet? My four year old would like to hear the whole song.

Jen says

I like how the stroller town kid has one pant leg pushed up. It's very gangsta.