Tour Begins

By JoCo November 26, 2006

I am now in a hotel, kicking it wifi style in the lobby. Somewhere over my head, Sinatra’s singing about Christmas.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be on the Bob and Tom show (which I’m sure can be heard on a station near you) along with Paul and Storm. And then of course we’ll play at Birdy’s Bar and Grill at 8 PM tomorrow night.

Now, if you’re planning on coming to this show and you’d like some special treatment (if you know what I mean), I’m looking for someone to run the merch table and sell CDs and shirts and commemorative plates. I’m also looking for merch soldiers in Grand Rapids (Wednesday), Cleveland (Thursday), and Dayton (Saturday). Email me if you’re interested. Special Treatment!


kodamakitty says

Darn adult responsibilities! Otherwise, I would do totally be there for the Grand Rapids show. Not that the special treatment (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more!) isn't worth the three hour drive there. It's the three hour drive back and what would most assuredly be an all-nighter followed by work on Thursday. But welcome back to Michigan and hopefully you're be back near the metro Detroit area soon.

^_^ Liza

hodg-man says

Godspeed, Jonathan Crouton.

Jason says

You were on Bob & Tom? Can you post a recording of the show on your site or your podcast? I should be at the show tonight at Birdy’s w/ my girlfriend.

Jennifer says

I'm Jason's girlfriend. He doesn't deserve a copy of the Bob & Tom appearance. He failed to check your tour schedule and we were at Birdy's last night to pay a cover and listen to the vocal mess of some chick on a keyboard. I know what your thinking, it wasn't Fiona. I think you should allow him to run your merch. table to make him pay for not being able to read. That way, I can drink myself retarded.

Peace homie!


Michael says

Hoping for a trip report from Indianapolis. (And kicking myself for not having Demanded a Warsaw or Fort Wayne appearance also.)

Vivian says

Hmmmmm, I don't know if it's a good thing or too bad that I missed this until a couple of days after the show. Brains AND half-pony half-monkey monsters AND Special Treatment might well have been too much for any man to handle. EXCELLENT show, though. As evinced by the fact that I am back here now.

Take2 Podcast says

I didn't hear you on Bob and Tom during my morning drive. I heard Paul and Storm, but was disappointed that I didn't hear any mention of you. Hope you can post some of that interview and any songs you may have sung on there. It's always good to hear them laughing while the songs are going. Get to Kansas soon...we need some JC!

Debby says

What he failed to mention (or what I failed to find on his site) is where and when he will be appearing. I live in Phoenix, AZ. Will he be my way anytime soon?