Chiron Beta Prime eCards

By JoCo November 26, 2006

Tom created this excellent Flash video for Chiron Beta Prime, and then he and Kerrin over at The Jonathan Coulton Project turned it into an eCard that you must all send at once to your entire contacts list. It’s totally free. Not to mention, it’s a freaking Christmas miracle.


Glenn Peters says

Jesus, two days after Thanksgiving and already the freaking Christmas songs.

Seriously, that was fantastic. I loved the nervous eyes, the scary robots and the determined Santa.

Aspera says

That was so beautiful, it brought a tear to my eye. The sheepish look after the slip of the tongue, the sploch of the soylent green and hose timid wary eyes!

Eric Ginsberg says

It's so good that it's almost great. There are so many wonderful moments (like the marks making up the tree, and the productivity levels, etc.). The only thing is that, with all the hard work put into it, it could have been so much better with a developing story line across the choruses, rather than the same chorus video every time. Also, the Santa part was really great, but it didn't go anywhere. There was a tiny boom. That could have been so much more, and so much funnier. Maybe that could be the developing story line during the chorus, and maybe there could be something else going along the solo. Also, the soylent green bit could have done with some humans. Maybe, when the dad (beautifully modeled after JoCo) cuts into it, the word people (with an arrow pointing to the pie) comes up on the screen. Maybe a thought bubble coming from one of their heads saying, "it's people...PEOPLE!" Overall, a triumph, and possibly the coolest thing anyone's every made for you, visually. I just see so much more potential with the great groundwork that Tom laid down. I hope Tom keeps making them, and that they get better with age.

Tom rocks!

Tom says

Hurrah! I rock!

I do want to do another JoCo video. It's time consuming, so it might not be right away. I'm curious to know which of Jonathan's amazing songs Jonathan has always wanted to see a video for.

Len says

I have Future Soon storyboarded in my head. I'm just looking for a really good animator to pull it off.

I wanted it to look like the TMBG video for "Bastard Wants To Hit Me".

Glenn says

>I wanted it to look like the TMBG video for “Bastard Wants To Hit Me”.

I love that video. Not what I would have imagined for "Future Soon", though.

Len says

Well, it would be realy fast paced. If you know anyone who can animate my drawings, please send em along. I have yet to find someone who is willing to work with me on this.

Eric Ginsberg says

I'd like to see a video for Todd the T-1000, but I think that Len's idea of modeling future videos after his sketches is a) great and would b) make Pod-Safe Christmas top of the list (not to belabor the christmas thing, but have you SEEN his VTAW for that!?). In fact, I have had a JoCo video idea for a long time, to make him super-famous and moderately comfortable (let's face it: none of us are getting rich off of music any time soon). If you're down, shoot me a hello, and I'll pitch it to you on the DL.