By JoCo November 19, 2006

Just wanted to let you all know I saw them at Irving Plaza last night, and they are big, rocking, shiny rock stars. Look into it.


Cecil Vortex says

pertaining to almost nothing, irving plaza is one of my fondest memories of nyc -- a folk city benefit in 1986 or so with the violent femmes going on around 2 am, a dickies/dead milkmen show around the same time with the floor just heaving with life loving mosh pit types (and me upstairs, looking down, agape).

So: here's to Irving Plaza!

Spiff says

The only reason they're big shiny rock stars is because of their video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NINJQ5LRh-0 (and the fact that they're good). JC's got the good part down, and I've been working on the video part, although my nerdy World of Warcraft videos may not be knocking down doors with the wider, less nerdy public at large. We need to get this guy a video that will make him go all OK Go on the world's ass! Let's get on it, people.

Spiff says

(although, I have to admit, it could be tough for anyone to "get" JC a video when the man himself seems to refuse to actually film one with him in it)

Bob says

If you want a JC video that'' generate a ton of buzz, I'd suggesting rounding up a bunch of big-name porn stars for a "First of May" video. :-)

Matt says

While I'm admitedly not a fan of WoW as a game, I do enjoy your videos, Spiff.

I've got a couple 3D animated videos in the works, but I need somebody to kick my lazy ass in gear then glue it to the seat so I actually get them finished.