Code Monkey Remix Contest

By JoCo November 19, 2006

Quick Stop Entertainment is hosting a Code Monkey remix contest. You have until December 9 to grab the source tracks and warp them into something that makes booties shake. A panel of judges will judge you; Thing a Week box sets will be awarded. We will all have a great time.

Get on it!


Len says

I think I'm going to give this a try. :)

Matt says

Very interesting. ... No. No. Got too many projects all ready. No. ... well ....

Russell says

The page doesn't mention -- is it one entry per human, or can we try a few different things and submit them all?

Ken says

You can enter with as many different remixes as you care to do...

Russell says

Excellent. Thanks!

Matt says

On this cold November Day (in 1924) a man named Benoit Mandelbrot was born! Happy Birthday to the man who inspired one of JC's best!

Bry says

Matt: Oh, really? Because that means Mandelbrot shares a birthday with Kenesaw Mountain Landis. No joke.

Eric Harrsion says

This remix is such a cool cool idea.

Personally I think musicians should give away their music to their fans (and build a community with them so they can always find each other for concerts etrc) and sell their tracks to other musicians for inclusion on other tracks they would never have conceived.


M_pony says

I would enter but I'm fleekin' swamped with my master's thesis research.. and my stats exam. Aaugh! Why did I have to try to educate myself?

Paul says

The poster, "Those Meddling Kids," on the Quick Stop website is downright disturbing. And another of my pre-adolescent fantasies dies a horrible death.

Jason says

So, when do the winners get announced? Will we get to download the results? can't wait to hear them!