New Shirt

By JoCo November 15, 2006

I thought you’d all like to see this new Skullcrusher Mountain shirt from Len that we’re selling through Zazzle. On the back it says “What’s with all the screaming?” The merchandise situation is getting a little fragmented I know, I really need to reorganize this site a bit to get everything together again. I mean, nobody’s even buying the coloring books…


M_pony says

WANT! Want so very much.

Glenn says

Ordered! I can't wait!

You guys are costing me a lot of money this week.

And I've been on the fence about the coloring books. Someday.

Chris Radcliff says

Hey, I bought the coloring book! Well, OK, it was a gift. But it's the thought that counts!

And yes I do want the shirt. Can anyone vouch for the quality of Zazzle shirts? It's probably too much to ask where they're made...

Glenn says

I don't think I've gotten a Zazzle shirt before. I'll have a report ready in a couple of days.

Qaein says

y'know...if I weren't moving in the near future, I would so buy this shirt...maybe next quarter :p (or maybe if I hint loudly enough, someone will buy it for me for the holidays...hmm, now there's a thought :) )

Ruth says

The Skullcrusher Mountain t-shirt I really wanted says "I'm so into you" on the front and "But I'm way too smart for you" on the back. That song is just oozing with lines that beg to be put on t-shirts.

Jess says

Wait for the holidays before you lament the coloring book offers... some of us are just sitting on it as a perfect gift idea. (The book is the gift idea, not the sitting on it.) I will bet you the price of the coloring book that you will sell at least one coloring book in the next month.

Jess says

Offers = orders. If blog comments could be edited, the internets would be a better place. Almost as good as if they could be exploded.

Mike says

Dagnabbit! I have far too many t-shirts as it is! Any chance you could make a polo shirt with the front of the t-shirt as a logo in the upper left corner? Then I could wear it to work.

Spiff says

The cafepress polo shits blow though. They only come in pasty white. Cafepress needs to get some new types and styles and qualities of merchandise in there.

Len says

Testing to see if the comments work now.

Len says


I put a Skullcrusher Mountain polo in the store. Check it out. Apparently, I can't link to the store through the comments.

Mike says

Wow. Thanks! Unfortunately I cannot buy one as my wife has decided that it would make an excellent holiday gift for me...

Unless I buy one for her.... Hm....

Spiff says

Two t-shirts ordered (it is getting close to Christmas, afterall).

Glenn says

I'v worn this a couple of times and it is suitably comfortable. No photos yet, alas. I love this modern trend in shirts to have the tag printed on the back of the neck so there's no tag to stick out. Genius!

Sadly, the printing on the shirt, especially in the back, gets a little muddy and hard to read. Some trouble with trapping or stroke filling? I've been out of the printing business too long.

Test says



Steve the King of Coloring Books says

Where are these coloring books you speak of? ;)

42 says

I bought this at JoCo's show and got a cute girl's email address the first time I wore it. Conclusion: The shirt has sex appeal woven right into it!