More Poster Business

By JoCo November 15, 2006

Wow, look at that candy, huh?

I offer you loyal street team members (you know who you are – even if we have never discussed it, you just know) some other poster options. At Andrea’s suggestion, here’s a white background version of the Meddling Kids poster so you can just print it on yellow paper and keep all the yellow ink for yourself.

Also, Len put this little beauty together for me, sultry photo by my pal Emily Rawlings. You can use it for those gigs where it’s just me playing (or if you just hate Paul and Storm and want to hurt them). Click the image below for the full quality pdf.


Eric Ginsberg says

Yeah, but just like the old Jossie poster kills the yellow, this one kills (and I mean KILLS) the black.

Come on, more user-friendly!


Len says

Hey, I work with what I got....I have to edit the poster anyway (forgot the photo credit) so I guess I can enlarge the photo a little.

Aman says

I can't get to the PDF! When I click on the picture, nothing happens.

Is it just that I'm not allowed to be part of the street team? C'mon, I've done everything you've asked me to -- I even secretly put that webcam in the Victoria Secret dressing room for you.

Can I please have the pdf so I can be part of the team? Pleeez?

JoCo says

Oops, sorry Aman. Fixed now. You all my street teem!