Final VTAW – So Far So Good

By JoCo November 14, 2006

Len’s finished the last VTAW – the end of an era, again.


James says

Wonderful, but is it just me or is there not a VTAW for When I'm 25 or 64? I have all of them, but not that one and I can't seem to find it on Len's page

Len says

Hehe...good call. There is that last one, but these are all the ones that are on the CDs.

For you purists, I will create one last VTAW for the mash up.

Matt says

When I’m 25 or 64 is the worst song for getting stuck in my head. All I have to do is think of it and it gets stuck in a loop. CRAP! THERE IT GOES AGAIN! It's worse than Mr. Fancy Pants. Oh well.

Good work, Len. The VTAW year just flew by. :)

Len says

For all you purists, here is the last of the VTAW, for the mashup that is not on the CDs:

James says

Len, you are truely a god among men. Thank you, now my collection is finally complete. :)

Qaein says

woot! the VTAWs are done, does this mean we get to have a deck of cards with these lovely pictures on? That would be something to share with friends while listening to JoCo music :)

Jon says

Because nothing says "good music" like a weeping sore. Ewww.