First of May Video

By JoCo November 13, 2006

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Spiff, of previous World of Warcraft video excellence, has finally turned his attention to this song. If you are offended by the sight of naked WoW avatars having various kinds of physical relations, you may want to skip this one – this is not some kind of metaphorical treatment of the subject matter, if you see what I’m saying. And if you are offended by the song itself, for God’s sake, just don’t watch this. Otherwise, please enjoy Spiff’s video for First of May.


Jonathan says


Unadulterated brilliance.

Spiff says

Well, thank you. Everyone always focuses on the negative when they're warning people away from this video. It's a funny video, people! I packed this one full of every possible gag I could imagine, and believe me, with a song like this, I had plenty to work with. I think that if you're not viscerally offended by this work of art, you'll be charmed by its moxie. :)

Bob says

OMG, that's dead brill!

I like how it isn't strictly gratuitious; there's actually a narrative thread hidden in there. :-)

Jeremy Henty says

OK, I first LOL when the squirrel and the chipmonk got it on. And plenty of times after that! More filth, excuse me, art, please! Another winner from Spiff!

manstraw says

my favourite gag was the dude walking towards the sheep. too funny.

and is that Heather Locklear? i have a new respect for her.

Nick Bayhi says

It was me who did the squirrel/chipmunk gag, the assistant editor- that was my assisting. :D

unmodisch says

Holy Jeebus.... that is some kinda awesome.

Kerrin says

It's a great video, but I knew it would be, Spiff if great at making videos in WOW.

Wilson Fowlie (aka CuriousMind) says

Well done! The running gag with the guy and the sheep was genius.

Gweedo says

Personally my favourite was the two guards saluting as they were getting blown. But the sheep was good too.

Spiff says

I got an email from a fan of the video warning me that it's rumored that YouTube doesn't just remove offending videos, they remove the accounts of people who post offending videos. Yikes! As a fallback position, I've dusted off my old site to act as a place where I can still get information about my videos out to people who are interested. YouTube and I are still simpatico for now, but you never know when they'll go all Joe Pesci on me...

Sjalin says

Dude that song is way too catchy xD

Why no free downloads :'(

Alex says

Seems the video was removed by Youtube. =/

NaNo says

yeah damn that video was so nice could you upload the video on a other website ?? ^^

ambush says

its at google video, theres a link on spliffs site(see above)