Chiron Beta Prime Christmas Cards

By JoCo November 13, 2006

Now available at Zazzle, Len’s Chiron Beta Prime image turned into a Christmas card that you can purchase and send to your prisoners (did I say prisoners? I meant friends and relatives).


Glenn says

Excellent. Now I have an incentive to send out Christmas cards. Somehow I don't think my extended family will really appreciate this. But [message redacted] will love it.

Gromit says

I was hoping for a giant metal Santa Clause with glowing red eyes!

JoCo says

Merry Christmas Gromit: Glenn has pointed out this sensible option.

Kevin Mershon says

My fiancee and I are getting married on Dec. 21st. She has a bunch of Christmas music she's going to burn to CDs for the after-party. I am SO sneaking Chiron Beta Prime onto one of those CDs.