When You Go Remix

By JoCo November 10, 2006

Russell sends me this kick-ass remix of When You Go. I dig the changes in the changes, if you see what I’m saying. And the telephone section in the middle is creepy cool.

I’m not sure I’ve made this public, but a few people have asked me privately for the source tracks to this song so I have posted them here.


mhenry1384 says

Very, very cool. Man o' doggies is that site slow to download though. Maybe it's been slashdotted (coultondotted)? JC, you should host the file for him.

Arlo says

Wow, very cool. Reminds me of the Depeche Mode remixes (and that's a good thing.)

Matt says

Not bad. I still prefer the original, but this one will probably find its way into my playlist.

Len says

Depeche Mode is what I was thinking too. Very cool!

Cecil Vortex says


Eric Ginsberg says

How about some good old fashioned guitar chords? Can we get some of those?

kodamakitty says

Sugar Wookie asked, and M_Pony transcribed the chord for When You Go - it's in the forum: http://www.jonathancoulton.com/forums/comments.php?DiscussionID=49&page=1#Item_5

I found the source tracks a few weeks ago, and I must say, listening to JoCo sing just the melody by himself is heartbreakingly sweet.

^_^ Liza

Amanda H. says

Site won't work for me :/

Amanda H. says

Just kidding... >_>

M_pony says

The remix is kinda nifty. I would have done things a bit differently (what with human beings all being individual creatures and stuff) but it's keen.

When I first heard WYG I figured that LC had recorded a few choice 'baaa' vocal bits and looped them over and over in tiny pieces (a-la Lenny Kravitz's Fly Away song). Listening to them now I can hear that they were looped in much larger sections. Holy macaroni JC did some good work on this song. Wowzers.

Totz the Plaid says

I know I'm late in trying to grab it, but the link's broken. Perhaps someone would be kind enough to either send it to me or re-post it?