Tour Poster

By JoCo November 10, 2006

OK street team, now’s your chance to chip in. Paul and Storm and I will be spinning through the midwest (er, mostly Ohio I guess) the week after Thanksgiving, and we would like to have audiences. Here’s a poster that our pal Len made for us (despite having serious reservations about how disgusting we all look with Pussycat bodies). This tiny version links to a full-quality pdf, which you should feel free to download, print out, and drop from airplanes over the cities we’re playing. And it goes without saying, if you want to pester your blogger, radio dj, entertainment reporter friends about us, we would not object. Go monkeys, go!

Also, at Andrea’s suggestion, here’s one that’s just got a white background, so you can print it on yellow paper and save the ink.


Katie 80 says

Man, I wish you guys were coming anywhere near Burlington. Is there a way that I can make that happen?

Glenn says

My, what big ears you have!

Bob says

That's kinda disturbing.... ;-)

Amanda H. says

That's truly the creepiest thing I've seen in a long while. No lie. Congratulations.

Dave says

Why does Paul have better legs than you?

Aspera says

Yay for cross-dressing tigger catgirls? Uh... Sorry man... You should stick with the 'coon skin cap until you understand Furries a bit better. }}:P

Hmmm... With all you songs about Monkeys and Furry old lobsters and Giant Squids, maybe I can convince some of the Furry cons I'm going to.. That's San Jose in Janurary and Seattle next August. Let me know if you are interested in playing for 50-500 or possibly even more Furries(the San Jose convention gets over 2000 attendees over five days), and I'll see if I can get you and them talking...

Mike says

That is just wrong. Yet I will still be there at Jammin Java...

Andrea says

JoCo Bonobo Andrea is on the case in Chicago!

Andrea says

********* ATTENTION LEN ***********

But Len, if we could get a version on a white background we could print it on yellow paper and save a giant boatload of ink, and it would almost certainly look better too.

******** OK CARRY ON THEN ********