Columbus Show

ByJoCo November 8, 2006

As you know, I’m doing a bunch of shows with Paul and Storm the week after Thanksgiving. Currently we have one hole in the schedule, and that’s Friday December 1, in between Cleveland on Thursday and Dayton on Saturday. Ideally we’d hit Columbus Friday night, but our plans for that haven’t worked out so far. I turn to you, dear internets – anyone know of a place in Columbus that’s looking for a double billing of me and the boys? Just another motivating factor for you, December 1 also happens to be my birthday. Birthday show! In Columbus!


Damon says

I'm going to kick it into high gear to make this happen! If there's anyone else in the Cols area that wants to pitch in or just attend, send me an email at with "Coulton" in the subject!


Len says

Just do another show in Cleveland! Woot!

Jen says

I second Len's suggestion!

Ryan says

Cincinnati, JC? Cincinnati? :-)

Matt says

Interesting that there is still no mention of an Alaska show. What's up with that? JoCo On Ice! Just say the word and I'll start making calls.

JoCo says

Cincinnati: sure, whadaya got?

Navigator says

Whoa! I live about 20 minutes north of Dayton. How do I get tickets to the show and where will you be playing at?

Navigator says

Duh, there's only a link at the top of the page called "shows" that explains everything. I'm smart.

Navigator says

Another question. Will you have time to do any signing that night? Having autographed copies of Smoking Monkey and Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow would be extra rad.

JoCo says

I'll sign anything that can be signed, for as long as it takes.

Glenn says

Hey. I've been to Johnny D's in Somerville! Just a 16 months ago.

Aaron says

Make sure you post details... Will definatly want to go.

Peter says

In Cincinnati, Most good places I've checked are booked already (Southgate House, 20th Century, Northside Tavern).

How many people do you usually expect to give me an idea what venue would be best? 500? 100? 50? My living room?

JoCo says

Based on my Eventful demands and Paul and Storm's radio activities in that market, we guess that a venue that seats 100 will probably be about right. Or thereabouts.

Dan S. says

JC - Let me add another vote for Cincy! One venue which could be perfect for the future is called Top Cats Looks like they are booked already unfortunately, but keep in mind for the future. Here's another option - we have a great independant bookstore called Joseph Beth - -'course you can't charge, but I'm sure us Cincinnatians would buy TONS of CDs - I promise! House concert would be a cool option, too...

Dan S. says

Another Cincy option - the Comet Bar - - can't see on their site if anything is booked for that night, but there is a phone number for the booking guy

Dan S. says

OK - one last one, then I start working! Pleasant Perk coffee house is also tres cool -

Ryan says

Here's two Cincinnati suggestions:

Stanley's Pub (

Allyn's Cafe

Joseph Beth in Rookwood would be a great option as well, but I think that this would be more of a Hodgman/Coulton event, eh? The book tour is over, so that's probably out.

Navigator says

"I’ll sign anything that can be signed, for as long as it takes."

You are awesome, JC.

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