Two Pics

By JoCo November 7, 2006

Rachel sends this rather disturbing photo of a half pony half monkey monster she made herself out of monkeys, ponies, and too much free time.

And Julia sends this photo (careful, it’s kind of large) as evidence supporting the theory that Benoit Mandelbrot is at least aware of the existence of the Mandelbrot Set song. Of course, that’s only a theory…


Alex Holden says

That's really cool, but it just has to be said... Maybe she used too many monkeys?

Glenn says

Maybe you just don't like monsters.

Gle3nn says

The monkey/pony monster (ponkey?) is very cool !
That would make a great Christmas present.

Jerry says

It's really, cool, but really weird. But I guess it had to be.

Jim says

Alex, isn't it enough to know that she ruined a pony making a gift for JoCo?