Three Vids

By JoCo November 7, 2006

Jake sends this video for Re: Your Brains, a little live action shambling. Rock!

Emily dances in her jammies to Code Monkey. She is proud to be awesome.

Bradley uses Creepy Doll in this scary trailer.


Glenn says

Code Monkey like Code Monkey Dance!

The zombie air guitar was fun, too. The horror trailer could have used a little less voiceover.

I liked Gle3nn's video submissions, as well.

Ellen says

Love the Code Monkey dancer! Very, very adorable.

Jerry says

Nice touches in Code Monkey, like the long walk back to cubicle...

Aloha Joe says

I just wanted to say that I was the one who did the horror movie trailer with Creepy Doll. And that Bradley is my dad.