MilkBoy Saturday

By JoCo November 3, 2006

Hey there Pennsylvanians. If you’re anywhere near Ardmore and you don’t come out to see me play tomorrow night at MilkBoy then we are officially through. Through! Do you hear me? I’m on at 9, opening for Derek Chafin, and tickets are a mere $10. Also, the beverages there are tasty.

Oh yeah, who wants to sell CDs and Tshirts for me? I’ll buy you a Chai…


Wayne says

I can't make the show, sorry. Please don't say we're through. Can we still be friends? Oh wait, we never met.
Can at least I still listen to your songs? Huh?

Regretful Pennsylvanian Wayne

Matt says

Great show tonight! I'll wear my new Code Monkey t-shirt proudly.

Did you cut Baby Got Back short specifically because of the children in the audience?

Looking forward to 12/16...

RC says

Just caught the show (with Matt, my fellow code monkey) - awesome performance. We'll definitely be seeing you in December.