JoCo to Oxford: Wowie

By JoCo October 30, 2006

Well jeez, isn’t everyone in Oxford really awful nice? We had such a great time, and everyone we met offered to take us out to dinner, or have us over for drinks, or marry us to their beautiful daughters. On our day off we had two (TWO!) barbecue lunches and then fried catfish at Taylor Grocery, which was accompanied by the music of the extremely well-bearded Tate Moore, whose CD I look forward to listening to when I have a freakin’ moment. Then some Taylor residents built a giant bonfire in their backyard for us (not to burn us you understand) and we all had beer. Thank you various Mississippi residents! Tonight: Book People in Austin, TX.


Muncher says

Dude, that video for Re: your brains is on IMDB.

Spiff says

Which video? Got a link?

kimberlee says

Hey, Jenna Fischer (Pam from "The Office") has Re: Your Brains as the profile song on her Halloween myspace page today.


Muncher says

I dont have a link, Spiff. But from the comments on the next blog post I'd say it was your video that IMDB had linked to for the day.