Raleigh Show

By JoCo October 25, 2006

I’m putting together a more complete list of what’s coming up, but since this show is TOMORROW I thought I’d mention it here first. I’m playing at The Pour House in Raleigh, NC Thursday at 8 PM, followed by Paul and Storm at 9. Tickets are $8 purchased in advance and $10 at the door. It will be a good show, provided there is some kind of an “audience.”

I’m also looking for a merchandise helper, so if you want some free stuff and eternal gratitude, email me.


Birdguy says

I can't make it to Raleigh, but I'll certainly be at the reading in Chapel Hill tomorrow afternoon (and I've been spreading the word). But oh no, I see that you won't be at the Durham Regulator reading on Friday, just a few blocks from my house--Hodgman on his blog claims this is because of Coulton's BETRAYAL (of course he used all caps). However will Hodgman give an adequate reading without the Areas of Expertise theme tune?

Oh, and you guys need barbecue recommendations while you're in the Triangle...

Brian says

You know, thing a week kept me checking this website much more frequently. Not that you need to keep replenishing thing a week, but I wonder if some of your typing could instead turn into talking (that thing where you use your mouth, not your fingers) and be entered as a (gasp!) Podcast on the old Thing A Week download. That way, the few dorks among us (self referencing) could keep up with this stuff, like the fact you were visiting my old stomping grounds where I'm sure I could get a few hundred or so of my old friends, professors, acquaintances, enemies, waiters and other hospitality service sector employees, nurses, doctor (I only really knew one very well), pastors and priests to come and visit AT LEAST ONE OF THESE FREAKING GREAT LOCATIONS! But no, I'm lost in the woods of Asheville on a very pretty mountain, but it is cold, a bit lonely, and nothing here reminds me to check the internet site daily because who would think that you might come to the Carolinas, besides... I'm used to listening to my I-Pod as I drive down, through and amoung the mountains. Not that I couldn't have made the Piedmont.