JoCo is Everywhere

By JoCo October 25, 2006

I’m going to break with tradition here and give you at least some advanced notice on a few gigs I’ve got coming up (with the exception of the ones that are coming up right away, which will receive the standard last-minute treatment).

First, the book tour. For the rest of October I’m traveling around with John Hodgman on his paperback tour, playing songs about hoboes and lobsters, wearing a funny hat. Up through and including the 27th, we’ll be joined by our friend David Rees, author of the comics Get Your War On and My New Fighting Technique is Unstoppable – he is not to be missed.

10/25 7 PM: Chop Suey Books in Richmond, VA. With David Rees.

10/26 3:30 PM: Bull’s Head Bookshop in Chapel Hill, NC. With David Rees.

And here we sneak in a little Coulton show:
10/26 8 PM: The Pour House in Raleigh, NC. With Paul and Storm.

10/27 7 PM: The Regulator Bookshop in Durham, NC. Unfortunately, I won’t be at this one, I’ve got to fly back to Baltimore to play at the National Association of Science Writers convention. But David Rees will be.
10/28 4 PM: Square Books in Oxford, MS

10/30 7 PM: Book People in Austin, TX

And then the book tour is over. At this point Coulton Craziness begins. Here’s a Novemberish schedule:

11/4 9 PM: Milkboy Coffee in Ardmore, PA. I open for Derek Chafin.

11/10 10 PM: The People’s Improv Theater in NYC. I’ll be doing a couple of songs as part of The Sound of Young America’s live shows. These will be star studded nights of studly stars.

11/27 8 PM: Birdy’s Bar and Grill in Indianapolis, IN. With Paul and Storm.

11/28 8 PM: Schubas Tavern in Chicago, IL. With Paul and Storm.

11/29 8 PM: Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI. With Paul and Storm.

11/30 8 PM: Wilbert’s in Cleveland, OH. With Paul and Storm.

12/1: Maybe something in Columbus? Working on it…

12/2 9:30 PM: Canal Street Tavern in Dayton, OH. With Paul and Storm.

And there’s more to come in December, but I will save that for another posting. Details about all these shows (all ages, ticket prices, etc.) can be got from the shows page.


Matt says

I can't help but notice that Alaska is still not in your plans. I'm crushed. The otters will be too. They had this big show planned where they all line up and smash open clams at the same time. They call it a 21 clam salute. But I'll go let them know you won't be coming.

Glenn says

You are the new number six.

I was briefly excited to learn that Lunar Base One is in Portland, but now I'm just terrified of yellowjackets. Couldn't find any photos, though.

Damon says

I live in Columbus and would love to help you work out details for 12/1. You can pm me at

Glenn says
Alden says

Since you weren't able to have a concert in SF the last time you were there, you should schedule one for late December/early January! :)

Kim says

Better than a U2 concert! ;-p Great to see you in DC last night, Dave and I will catch ya in Va in Dec (we're already working on getting some of our gang to come).


unmodisch says

Hey, I got the RSS feed to work with Google Reader, but not the iCal feed with Google Calendar - which is supposed to be iCal compliant. Stupid Google Calendar.

But it's a great idea! Working like a charm, as well. I think I'd rather not have all of your Eastern US shows in my calendar, since I'm in Seattle.

Pete says

I inspected this list thoroughly, but no matter how hard I look, your London gig doesn't seem to be included. You should make sure that someone is suitably disciplined for such an omission.

erin says

Darnit, when are you coming to Buffalo already?? :)

Patrick says

great show (troubadoring?) tonight at Chop Suey!

micropuf says

I second Alden's request for a SF gig.

Dona says

Discovered your music via the Delta Park Duo. My daughter and I will be at the Jammin' Java show in December. Can't wait!

Phlodo says

Please come to Columbus. I can't help with the venue, but I'll round up some friends to come to the show.

Damon says

Phlodo, send me an email at and we can strategize how to promote it.

Qaein says

Woot! the shows link is actually holding stuff :) I think we were told we have to wait 'til next year for another JoCo show over on this side again though.. But it's great to hear that JoCo has made plans to start practicing those songs he has made famous :)

and, @Glenn the photo's on pages's a doozy.

Alyson says

I really enjoyed your performance at the DC show on Tuesday. I loved the songs -- this time of year especially, you can't go wrong with a song about zombies. Looking forward to your December show at Jammin' Java.

Good luck with the rest of the tour!

Len says

Hello Cleveland!!! Hello Cleveland!!

Seriously looking forward to seeing you next month!

Christine says

Great to see you at Chop Suey. Did the kid cramp your style? Last year I bought your CD (and became a life long fan) because of First of May.

Ah well, we must protect the chlldren...

Jon says

This code monkey is seriously depressed. Working 14 hours (or more) every day this week trying to get some software deployed by The Big Deadline(tm) (31-Oct, undoubtedly an arbitrarily chosen date, but one which probably guarantees our VP a big bonus if "we" ship on time). And yes, I have actually made a modification to a GD login page this week. I'm completely serious.

As a result... I missed JoCo in Chapel Hill yesterday and I'm missing JoCo who's playing in Raleigh, only ten minutes away, RIGHT NOW. (In fact, I called the Pour House and talked the guy who answered the phone for a bit so I could listen to JoCo over the phone. I'm not a proud man.)

Well, so much for that. I think I'll go listen to Summer's Over and have a nice little cry.

Yours in dispair,

P.S. Do you think John Hodgman would autograph my macbook w/a Sharpie? That'd actually be kind of cool. Unless he has some sort of secret life or something which is about to break into the news and completely taint his reputation (and, most importantly, my Macbook by proxy) in a very "Pull The String" sort of way. Oh well, I guess that's a risk I'l have to take. Hmmm. now that I think about it... since you're going to be away, JoCo, if I brought my acoustic, think I could fill in? I'm a strumming machine and I've been known to get a little crazy with those diminished chords. I mean, I'm jogging my way around the circle of fifths and I'm like -- *BAM!* and there's a sus-4 when you least expect it! Or I'll get a little crazy and throw in a dim7. It definitely keeps people right on the edge of their seats. Well, until they leave. Early. Or throw things (at/such as) me. Anyway, you & John think about it and have your people talk to my people. Caio!

Caroline says

I apologize for having ruined your beer experience early at the Pour House last night. (I was the one who twice ordered beer that they were out of, which sent the bartender away to replace the kegs...)

And didn't get a chance to tell you in person last night -- but I honestly believe that the second verse of Skullcrusher Mountain may be one of the best-written verses I know. Every line builds more and more beautiful heights of absurdity.

Wish you were still coming to the Regulator tonight but hope you have a great show at the convention!

James says

Who or what do I need to slaughter mercilessly for you to come to Tucson, AZ? This desert wasteland sorely needs an injection of music about robots, zombies, and New York public radio personalities!

I mean, how many times can I get excited about Jose Feliciano playing at one of the casinos in town?

Please, please, please stop in Arizona sometime on your way to someplace with culture...I'll buy you a Snapple.

P.S. As a side note (as perverse as this might sound) your "Baby Got Back" cover was pretty much the only thing that kept me smiling through my first month as a middle school teacher.

Christine says

Hmmm... Austin is *really* close to Houston, and yet there is no Houston show on the list. I'm pouting. We got the signatures; I have such high hopes for hearing you here in Houston. The fans of my podcast are even ready to come out and help rock the house, since they have had the luck of hearing your music there. (I'm all about spreading the word.)

Houston! Houston! Houston!

Podcastmama says

Let me invite you to lovely Des Moines, Iowa -- a good midway point between, um.... Minneapolis and Kansas City if you're traveling North/South! And also a great place to play if you're between shows in Chicago and Omaha and/or Denver and points west.

We can help you line up a performance spot, and place to stay. Please do come!

webjones says

Mississippi! My home State! Be sure and grab a banana moonpie and an RC cola while you're there.

Peter says

If Columbus doesn't work out, how about Cincinnati? Southgate House in Northern Kentucky would be perfect, or I can help find a couple of other places.

If nothing else, you NEED to try and get on!! They are "the" Indie rock streaming radio station (remember them from Rain Man?) and they do tons to promote acts! They are in between Dayton and Cincinnati. You could try and do an in-studio performance, which they do almost daily. I've got tons of friends who are die-hard WOXY-ites who could help push this if you have interest.