This Morning

By JoCo October 21, 2006

I’m on this AM, probably about 10ish. I’ll be following Ask A Ninja and Chris Anderson. One bad thing about going on late in the program is that you get the chance to see how brilliant everyone else is, and then you start to think that maybe songs about zombies aren’t enough anymore. But hey, everybody likes a singalong, right?


Len says

Viva la self-doubt, JC! :)

Scott Haley says

On what?

The Doifter says

I just caught the end of it, by chance! Well done, sir. Is it going to be archived anywhere so I can catch the whole thing?

Glenn Peters says

Damn. I was going to ask "on what"? Then I heard them say something on NPR that could have been "Shawn Colvin" or "Jon(athan) Coulton". Turns out to have been Shawn Colvin.

JoCo says

Doifter - PopTech says they're going to make everything publically available under a creative commons license, I don't know how soon. And thanks!

stanmuffin says

I think "Re Your Brains" is brilliant. I emailed it to my boss, but he didn't "get" it...

It seems most corporate zombies, unlike our friend Bob from the office down the hall, aren't aware that they're zombies...

Phineas says

Speaking of 'Re: Your Brains' it is necessary that I make you aware of the following product:

If there's not an opportunity for some marketing synergy there, I am not a highly paid marketing professional.

(I am not. But there you have it.)

Michael says

We have singalongs and singalongs, and leaders for such are legion. But hey, how many have bona fide Internet hits to their credit, not to mention actual honest-to-Murgatroyd titles such as "Contributing Troubadour" and "Pop!Tech Balladeer"?

(I'm also sure that "King of Geek-Pop-Rock" is waiting to be bestowed at some point in the near future.)

Mike (of the Lizard-Tongued Baby) says

Speaking of McPhee, I presume you also saw this:

Ian says

Jonathan, you may be jazzed about all of these people whom you're meeting at Le Nifty Conference, but how many of them are jazzed about meeting YOU? I'm guessing more than one. You're jazz-worthy.

Jennifer says

As for singalongs... Have you noticed, Jonathan, that when you come to Seattle, pretty much 3/4ths of the audience is absolutely straining to supress the desire to sing each and every word along with you? It's a ghostly chorus of barely restrained whispers. I'd say you have to be in the audience to appreciate it, but if you were there.... would we be there?

oo... existential.

unmodisch says


Pajarel says

It was great, as always.

Joe says

Somewhat off-topic, but... Was that the last PopSci podcast from the moon? Say it ain't so...