Spore Demo

By JoCo October 19, 2006

Will Wright just did a demo of Spore, which I’d seen before online, but seeing it again reminded me how much I want to play that game. He also talked a little about the philosophy behind it, generative systems, the idea of finding the right balance between power and simplicity when you’re allowing players to create game content. All of which dovetails very nicely with Brian Eno’s work – he showed some of 77 Million Paintings behind him as he spoke. Kickass!

I should mention, if you’d like to check any of this stuff out, they’re streaming the whole thing live. There’s a schedule on that page. I’m playing sometime on Saturday, but there are a lot of big names between now and then.
Did I mention that I really want to play Spore?


Dan Coulter says

Spore is one of those games that I will have to buy the moment it comes out. I love games that exhibit a whole level of creativity and innovation above what anyone else is doing.

Oh, also Portals: http://youtube.com/watch?v=oeUjVkJ7seY

Aspera says

Spore is the only actual game I'm interested in playing(Second Life isn't exactly a game as much as a persistent virtual world), ever since I burned out on MMORPGs. Hmmm... Spore.... That would be an interesting platform for designing a 1/2 pony 1/2 monkey monster to please each other.

Eric Ginsberg says

I LOVE that they're simulcasting PopTech! this year, but I can't find your name on the schedule. You sure you're scheduled? I'm working in the morning, checking out The Nightmare Before Christmas (in 3-D, m'er-f'ers!) in the afternoon, and going to see Jon Francis at SICA and Don Lee at Espresso Joe's at night, but if you're playing at a time that I can be home to watch, I will be.


Spencer says

Spore is probably the only video game I've rabidly awaited in all of my nearly-sixteen years.

I'm that hyped about it.

LoRe says

You're not on the schedule, but you are on the bio popup (http://live.poptech.org/bio.php), right above Richard Dawkins. Doooooooooood.

Ruth says

Spore? It's my current wallpaper.

Mike says

Spore does look cool. I mentioned it to my wife last night and she replied, "You mean a game based on animal droppings?" Damn homonyms.

AiYume says

See... I keep remember the old Star Trek episode where the flowers kept exploding in people's faces...

Does anyone else keep coming to JC's page three times a day on Friday to look in vain for a new Thing, or is it just me? {sigh}

Glenn Peters says


Kerrin says

Can I just say, I want to play spore too, it is the only game that has a chance of getting me off World of Warcraft in the near future.

And I too come to JC's page on Fridays to find a new thing a week, that I know won't be there, I think I've gone mad.