By JoCo October 19, 2006

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this here, but this year I’ve been invited back to play at Pop!Tech, that zany happening in Camden, Maine that is simply chock full of CEOs, superscientists, and cutting edge entertainers. I flew in last night and went to the opening reception, and was reminded how awesome this place is. (Just a warning, over the next few days I’m going to do a lot of name dropping and bragging about the famous people I meet).

I shared a car from the airport with Ze Frank, whose current project is The Show, a year’s worth of producing a new short video every weekday. Having just finished Thing a Week, thinking about this makes me want to throw up. Ze also just started supporting this effort with this microsponsorship thing, a brilliant idea I should have thought of when I still had some content left in my poor, tired head.

And then last night I had some beers with Ze and Kent Nichols of Ask A Ninja. (See what I mean? I’m not worthy.) Kent told a great story about meeting Marlon Brando, so great I don’t even care if it’s true.

At the moment I’m finishing breakfast at the hotel, and in a minute I’ll walk to the opera house to hear Will Wright and Brian Eno talk about emergence. Good morning.


Rachel says

Man, you're making me wish I were there again. It's a shame they don't gift speakers' spouses with perpetual free rides... :-)

Have a great time!

Jeremy Henty says

Jonathan, it had not escaped me that you were going to spend time rubbing shoulders with Ze Frank, Brian Eno, Stewart Brand, Richard Dawkins etc. I am so happy for you that I have been spending every waking instant since planning your gruesome death. Paging my assistant Scarface...

The Idiot says

Ze and Coulton in the same car at the same time. For a brief, shining moment, that taxi was the coolest place on planet Earth.

I doubt the cabbie will ever recover.

Brett Taylor says

Ze Frank and JC in one place at one time!!?! I'm surprised the atmosphere didn't ignite when they shook hands! My head asplode!

Brett Taylor says


Michael Graham Richard says

Saw you play before Aubrey DeGrey's talk. Great stuff! Am now checking out your albums on CDbaby and listening to samples. Will most likely buy a few :)

Keep up the good work!

Michael Graham Richard says

Oh, wait, the video I saw is actually from Pop!tech 2003.