Quick Linkzzz!

By JoCo October 16, 2006

A half-hour show about a startup company with puppets (the show I mean, not the startup). They used Code Monkey at the end of episode 3.

A very kind review from Fangirl Magazine and an equally nice write up from comic dude Josh Way. It’s nice to be nice to the nice.

I’m up for a Mackie! They’ve nominated Code Monkey for best original music in a machinima production (this is from the Ill Clan video). The Ill Clan also snagged a few nominations, as well they should.

Eric sends this image, which may not make sense to you unless you have seen this.

Norman, a German person, tells me that “Re: Your Brains” is ranked number three (as of episode 39) in a poll they’re running in their PodParade podcast. How will it fare in episode 40?!

If you looked at the front page of the Sunday Boston Globe business section, you may have seen my pretty, pretty Second Life avatar and an article about how musicians like me are using the internet to be musicians like me. In a related story, eMarketer thinks I’m a marketing genius, but fails to credit my laziness.

And my favorite, Bry sends in his tribute to all the Thing a Week songs, sung to the the tune of The Presidents. Awesome.

Here are way to many photos of our appearance at Cody’s in San Francisco. See what a good time you missed?


Glenn says

Hahaha. I've seen so many parodies of that ad, and not the actual ad itself.

Also, photos of the Portland event here.

Dave says

Frank Burns eats worms.

Carin says

Somebody needs to turn the volume of that tribute way, way up! How cute!

Bry says

I've put up, as promised, an extremely long, not-really-worth-reading follow-up post that explains the Mark Foley joke, among other things. It also includes this thirty-second excerpt of my alternate concept for the piece.

Many thanks for the plug, Jonathan. I am frankly delighted that you approve.

Jennifer says

I almost got Coult-On'd today when Matt got overexcited tabbing "Betty and Me" and nearly smacked me on the head with the guitar head.

Joel says

As long as we're in the random-links zone...

FWIW, the current largest group in the webgame Urban Dead ( http://www.urbandead.com/ ) is a zombie horde that has adopted "Re Your Brains" as an anthem of sorts. One of the places it's showed up is on the game's wiki page for the Havercroft suburb http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/Havercroft in the October 16th news update, just before we er I mean "they" overran the Ackland Mall.