TSOYA Interview

By JoCo October 14, 2006

While John and I were in LA we stopped in to see and be interviewed by The Sound of Young America’s Jesse Thorn, the young whippersnapper who makes old radio people feel old and sad because he is so young and awesome. There’s an interview with John and an interview with me, as well as some extra discussion about this whole cat care disaster, and a couple of songs I played live in the studio.


Darth Paradox says

The interview has been Boing Boinged!

micropuf says

Thank you Darth for the Boing Boing link. I was sad about having missed the reading in SF, and I very much appreciated the videos of the reading that were posted there.

Keith says

JC - Good seeing you on Thursday. I enjoyed this interview, especially your acoustic performances of "Code Monkey," "You Ruined Everything," and "The Future Soon." I often sing "You Ruined Everything" to Baby Tate, but I avoid singing it around Max since he's old enough to understand ruining things, but not yet old enough to understand the deeper meaning. I'd hate to give the boy a complex. For now his favorite is "Rock and Roll Boy." Peace. -KP

Cecil Vortex says

Good interviews, both. And nice versions of all three songs. I especially liked You Ruined Everything, but I think I always especially like that song.

also: I feel I should let you know that my 6-year-old and my 8-year-old each now have their own unique, hand-crafted JC CD mix. They don't even have their own unique, hand-crafted Frank Sinatra mix, so that's high praise.