Thanks LA (I Mean Santa Monica)

By JoCo October 10, 2006

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to Temple Bar, that was a lot of fun. My first time playing in LA (or thereabouts anyway) and it was a nice, big, friendly crowd with stuffed monkeys. I’ll be back.

Now, we’re just about to wrap up the first half of this tour, so here’s what we got left. Today we’ll be at Powell’s in Portland at 7:30 for a reading. Tomorrow, ditto at Elliot Bay in Seattle, and then I’ll do a show at the Jewelbox Theater at 8:45 (or as soon as I can get over there). And then finally on Thursday, a 7 PM reading at Cody’s in San Francisco. Home to NYC for a bit on Friday and then back out again the last couple weeks of October for more fun down the east coast and beyond. So the only other immediate Coulton show is in Seattle – I was hoping for something in San Fran but it doesn’t look like that’s going to work out after all, which is maybe just as well since I’m battling a nasty cold and just tired, tired, tired. Hodgman’s a real slave driver…


Jack says

Thank you SO much for finally hitting the West coast, and hitting it FULL BRUNT! That was, kid you not, one of the best live shows I've ever seen. The energy last night was just perfect and you were exactly the cool/nerdy/funny/modest/brilliant rockstar we all so desperately wanted you to be. A friend that I talked into going hadn't heard your songs yet, showed up halfway through the show, and afterwards ran over to excitedly yell "THANK YOU!" to me for inviting him. He then went on to buy all of your cds. Infectious, man. Please come back again soon and know you have a fan base here that will seriously take care of whatever arrangements you may need. My girlfriend also wants to know if you'd ever do a wedding. Which makes me very nervous.

Greg says

Excellent show. I had a great time and I'm really glad to have made it to one of your shows finally. Looking forward to your (eventual) next trip out here.

Also glad you liked the monkeys, thanks again for signing them.

Colleenky says

Last night was memorable indeed. Went to the John Hodgman signing at Book Soup. Got to ask Mr. Hogdman a quesion via walkie-talkie. He signed my book first becuase I was heading directly over to Jonathan's show. (He also talked to my husband on my cell. Cool!) As an added bonus, Janeane Garofalo was at the signing too and graciously signed my book.

Then I saw the awesome show at Temple Bar. Waved candles to I Crush Everything. Sang along to Skullcrusher Mountain, Code Monkey and got to be a zombie (as we all did) for Re Your Brains. After the show, I got a pic with Jonathan and chatted - he generously signed two of my CDs. And I also got to meet folks from Geek Week (, who were at the show. I came home feeling like an overstimulated two-year-old. Thank you!!! Come back to LA anytime. We're happy to have you.

Spencer says

Oh man. Tonight's gonna rock.

julie coulter says

Awww. Sorry you have a cold. Try orange juice, hot tea, and zinc lozenges - my mom swears by them.

Matt says

You seriously made our week, month, and there on. Even since I was introduced to your music, I've been devouring it ravenously (in the healthiest way, of course), as well as helping spread it's majesty. Your performance was energetic, charismatic, funny, and completely enjoyable. You sincerely exceeded my expectations, and you can be sure we'll we looking forward to your next show in our neck of the woods.

Bryan says

I agree completely with everyone else. Last night was so perfect. Thanks so much for singing Future Soon, I don't know if that was because I requested it or just one you had planned on, but it rocked so much hearing it live.


Sarah says

I was the girl who kept on waving around one of Greg's monkeys!


Well, that sounded wrong. Let me start over.

Thank you SO much for coming to L.A. and giving myself and all of my friends an awesome show! You played all my favorites, and seeing you perform was better than I had imagined! I kept on wondering if you were going to sing "I Hate California"... I think you made the right choice on that one.

Come back soon!

Bryan says

I was trying to figure out last night's set list and I think I got all the songs, but if someone with a better memory can let me know order or if I left something out that would be great!

The Future Soon
Skullcrusher Mountain
First Of May
Baby Got Back
Creepy Doll
Big Bad World One
I Feel Fantastic
Tom Cruise Crazy
I Crush Everything
You Ruined Everything
Code Monkey
Re Your Brains
Kenesaw Mountain Landis

Sean says

I know Shop Vac was early in the playlist as well along with "Sound Test" which I hadn't heard before! Any word on when we can download that on the site, JC?

That out of the way I have to say that the show was fantastic and I'm glad that you seemed to enjoy our retarded brand of "humor". Thanks again for coming out and playing for us. Come back real soon, please!

Bob says

You didn't do "I Hate California"???



Tony Fabris says

You have a cold?!

/me vows to sit in the back row at Jewelbox tomorrow.

(Got gigs of my own coming up, can't risk catching east coast Andromeda Strain!)


Seriously, though. Hope you're feeling better soon. Colds suck, especially for musicians. You have my sympathies.

Looking forward to Jewelbox show! Do you think you'll have a chance to do a selection of different songs (i.e., ones you didn't have time for at the last Jewelbox show)? Hope so.

And, just so you know, you'll be playing opposite The Who, who are doing a show in Seattle on Wednesday night. I could easily hear a baby-got-back-esque cover of any number of Who classics... :-)

Russ Matthews says

I'm really sorry to hear you're under the weather... and that you won't be doing a show here in SF... I'd be so looking forward to it. I'll still be there, but look here mister... you got our hopes up and now you owe us when you get to feeling better! (Besides, SF is way cooler than the rest of our crappy state, we deserve some love up here). lol

So get to feeling better... and remember... you have to come back now.

HellZiggy says

Having a cold sucks, but it's the price you pay for that non-stop diet of croissanwiches and whiskey. You should switch to screwdrivers since they have Vitamin C. :)


EW says

FYI, Jonathan's opening song in Santa Monica was a cover of Jon Brion's "Same Mistakes", available on his album, "Meaningless":

Perhaps on a future occasion, JoCo might perform Brion's super-swell "Ruin My Day".

Logan says

Hi Jonathan - I didn't see this show. But an independent radio station here in Houston used "Re Your Brains" as filler between GeekRadio and some sort of self-help program this evening and I almost drove into a concrete embankment because the tears of joy and laughter were clouding my vision. I googled it and feel compelled to express my gratitude for this gem here in the comments.

Eric Ginsberg says

Holy shit! You covered Jon Brion!? I love you that much more.

Karstan says

Gah! I didn't know about the appearance in Portland! Now I've missed it! THE HORROR!

jon says

JoCo -- any chance you'll be appearing in central North Carolina? IBM, GSK, Ciba, EPA, RedHat, and lots of other tech companies here.
You've got a lot of fans in Research Triangle Park (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill).

Andrine says

WTF!!!???? Why didn't you email those of us in Portland! I'm soooooooo sad that I haven't checked your site for a week! HOw the HELL am I supposed to Intuit that you're here!? FUUUUUCCCKCKKKK.

I hate you now.

No I don't.

But I really do.