VTAW Continues

By JoCo October 9, 2006

A couple of new VTAWs – Len didn’t start until a few songs in, so he’s catching up now. Here’s See You All in Hell and My Monkey.


Len says

Thanks for the link, JoCo. And yes, I am going to try and get through these in order. But if something strikes me as interesting, I may work on it first. As it stands, Baby Got Back is next and that's going to be really tough without doing the "obvious". Hope this keeps the TAW magic happening for a little while longer. :)

Bob says

>As it stands, Baby Got Back is next and that’s
>going to be really tough without doing the “obvious”.

How about a portrait of JC all blinged out like a gansta rapper?

Oh wait... that's the "obvious", isn't it? :)

Spiff says

For my iPod, I gave Baby Got Back a very classy picture of Jennifer Lopez in a gown looking back over her shoulder and displaying everything that makes Baby Got Back special. Just because the gag is obvious doesn't mean it can't be good.

Len says

Ok, I think I created an image I can live with for Baby Got Back:


Let me know what you all think.

Spiff says

She's perfect. And who knows what JC's avatar is doing with his hand on her front either? It's a picture full of mystery.

Matt says

It's nice, but I was expecting to see the scene from the original video where mix-a-lot is standing on the giant butt with JC in his place. But that's just me.

Joe says

Morning, first time caller - first time listener... Just found the site after listening to 'Re: Your Brain' last night on 'Kingdom of Loathing' radio...

Just wondered how the monkey would look with one of these...

Have fun.