Me = Dummy

By JoCo October 9, 2006

Right. The Temple Bar thing is TONIGHT. I should think about lining someone up to sell merch for me at the show. Yep, should definitely post about that sometime soon.

What do you say internets? Anyone coming to the show, you can save yourself five bucks and also get some free stuff if you run the merch table tonight. Email me, and we will party.


Glenn says

Does this mean no Portland-extra thing? Or will you ask about that one tomorrow?

Cecil Vortex says

I'm about 6 hours too far north, but if you can make it to SF anytime soon, I'd be happy to work merch.

Bryan says

We'll I'm going to be there but I'm traveling up from San Diego and not sure when I'm going to arrive. Travel times tend to vary a lot depending on the traffic and I have never done this trip during the week. Regardless, I'm looking forward to the show!!! I put in a request for Future Soon if you are still trying to decide on songs for tonight!

Blake says

I'll do it!

Spiff says

Cecil -- JC is coming to San Fran on Thursday, 10/12. He's travelling with John Hodgman for Hodg's book tour, and they'll be at Cody's Books at 7pm on Thu. Check out the full list of appearances here:

Glenn says

For what it's worth, I'd man the merch table if there were a Portland show. (Now I'm sounding pathetic.)

cecil vortex says

thanks Spiff -- any idea if there will be a show later?

Been enjoying your movies, btw....

Glenn says

OCTOBER 10, 2006
I woke up this morning and checked my personal blog. ... I subscribed to Mr. Coulton's podcast, which includes a new song every week, reminiscent of They Might Be Giants' longstanding "Dial-A-Song" service.

Poor guy. I guess he has 52 weeks of history, at least.