Seattle Show

By JoCo October 7, 2006

I’ll be doing a show in Seattle on October 11 at 8:45 PM at the Jewelbox Theater. I had such a great time at that place when I was there in September, I just couldn’t not go back, even though there’s no way to make it an all ages show. Hodgman and I will be appearing at the Elliot Bay bookstore a little earlier (7:30 PM) and then I will dash over to the Rendezvous and begin to rock. I hope that you are there to rock with me.


Qaein says

Yay! welcome back! I know I'm ready for another JoCo show :) I might even be able to make this Hodgman reading as well! I'll be sure to bring extra monies so that I can buy the 3 cd's I've not got, and possibly a Re: Your Brains shirt. I look forward to rockin' out with you again at our favorite Jewelbox.

Darth Paradox says

Welcome back indeed!

Are doors opening at 7:45, then? Given how packed the last show was, I want to make sure we're there in time.

Andy says

I'll be there to rock with you, though I was going to try and make the book signing too, so it'll be tricky.

Mike says

HELL YEAH! Now that I know where it is, count me there! WOOOOOOOOOHAAA!

Jennifer says

You're gonna rock Seattle to its geeky little knees again?! Hoooooray! Holler if you need anything.

Tony Fabris says

I'm thrilled to hear you're coming back to our little town so soon, and I'm glad it will be at the same wonderful Jewelbox theater.

You know, for the briefest moment, I seriously considered not going. For the following reason: The Jewelbox is small, and it was standing-room-only last time you were there. If I don't go, that means that's room for one more Seattle-ite in that tiny little place. A chance for one more new JoCo fan on this coast.

Then I thought... Who am I kidding? This is America, and I can do what I darn well want to do. And what I want to do is go see Johnny C again. :-)

LoRe says

I'll be there with a lot less clothing on, I tell you what.

Though, yeah, considering the previous SRO, maybe I'll hang out and have a drink in the bar and come in if there's space. Else, rocking in absentia.

Adam says

You are officially an international star. When are you touring Israel next?

Unofficial Israeli Jonathan Coulton Fan Club

Thien says

Dang it, just got back from Seattle, can't make it on a weekday. Maybe I'll be able to catch you when I travel to your side of the States.

Karstan says

Seattle sucks. Come to Portland. :)

Daniel Shawgo says

Man, what's with the timing? I won't be in Seattle until after Christmas, and you know how important seeing you play is to me. :)

When are you going to play in San Fransisco?

Ian says

Hey Johnathan, we saw you (only briefly) accompanying Hodgman last night at Elliott Bay...just wanted to let you know we very much enjoyed your songs, and will be supporting your experiment with purchases quite soon.

Michael says

Embarrassingly lame turnout last night. Seattle, wth happened? My wife and I almost didn't go, thinking it would be sro. I'm glad we took the chance. Another great show, and we added a fourth cd to our collection.
Jonathan, please come again, preferably on a non-work night.

John Dietz says

I really wanted to go, but I couldn't swing a babysitter (I tried). Hopefully the low turnout won't discourage future visits.

dlawbailey says

The show was really well done although clearly Mr. Hodgman trapped a couple of your would-be lighter-wavers at his sinister "book-signing" and general girl-grab.

Your voice was in excellent shape, although several female observers were heard to say that you looked "tired" followed immediately by suggestions of how they might comfort you and help you rest easy.

You own the town.

Zaiem says

Argh. I'm not used to checking the website as frequently now that TAW has ended. Had I known, I definitely would have gone last night. I'm part of the lame turnout, I suppose. I suck. Alas.

Tony Fabris says

The turnout was actually not as lame as some would lead you to believe. I'm pretty sure the Jewelbox was at or near capacity by the end of JC's set. There were empty seats at the beginning, but not so much by the end.