Show in LA

By JoCo October 5, 2006

Quickly, they’re boarding!

I just got it confirmed that I’ll be doing a show at Temple Bar on Monday October 9th at 9:45 PM in Santa Monica (this is an all ages show). A 45 minute set of delicious Coulton song snacks. For some reason, I fear gigs in LA. Maybe because I wrote a song called “I Hate California.” I’m really sorry guys. Guys?


Dave says

You must play "I Hate California."

Erin says

"I Hate California" is a great song. I grew up in SoCal and I loved it. I'd bet that the folks in Santa Monica would, too.

Farris says

Git yer ass to Texas, boy!

Kerrin says

People in California have a sense of humor surely. My brother lives there, so there is at least one!

Richie says

I'm not a california native, but I live out here now and love that song...

More importantly, I finally get to see you perform an actual set. Woohoo!

James Cooper says

Monday, Santa Monica, 9:45. Okay, gotta try and remember that. Kind of a late show for a Monday evening (Mondays I'm especially groggy and have a loose grip on conciouness/reality), any opening acts or can we expect JC action right away?

JoCo says

Someone named Priscilla Pompa is on at 8:30. That's all I know about that...

Greg says

I'm definitely there, but after checking the Temple Bars website it states 21+ at the bottom of their "About Us" section. I don't want people showing up and not being allowed in.

Gle3nn says

I got my tickets! see you at the show.

BM says

I think there's been more than enough bitching and whining about how JC plays too late on weeknights.

My god, has nobody here ever heard of rock-and-roll?

Josh Hickman says

I am exicted bout the MN gig tommorow (? or a week from then?). T- Shirts and other joco stuff?

Andrea says

Josh: Mr. Coulton is indeed traveling with a bag of merch. He's got RE: Your Brains shirts ( and sad blue Code Monkey shirts ( in sizes from S to XL. He also has a full complement of fine compact discs available for purchase: Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow, Smoking Monkey, and Things A Week 1 and 2. It was a pleasure to hawk this panoply of consumer goods to the people of Chicago.

Bring cash dollars! Buy stuff! Woo!

JoCo says

The Temple Bar show is an all ages show.

Eric Ginsberg says

Don't forget. 5230 1/2.

Colleenky says

At least one native Angelino (3rd generation!) thinks you're totally wifty. About half a dozen of us from Enigma (UCLA's sci-fi/fantasy/gaming club) will be coming to see you and John Hodgman at Book Soup, then traisping over to Temple Bar for the show. (Google Maps estimates travel time at 17 minutes. That's funny.) If you need helpers of any stripe, we're ready, willing and able. :-)

And props to Andrea for using the word "panoply." You just don't hear that word as often as you should.

Kalina says

As a native Angelino, I can safely say that, although you may hate California, California loves you!