Ann Arbor Pics

ByJoCo October 5, 2006

Some photos from our Borders appearance yesterday, courtesy of Liza. Ignore all those shots of Barenaked Ladies, who were there in the afternoon doing some, I don’t know…music or something?


Kodamakitty says

At the risk of sounding blasphemous to anyone who knows my love of BNL, the event with you and Hodgman was much more pleasant and enjoyable. And the "Thing a Week" CD got me almost all the way home!

Thanks for the link,
Liza ^_^

Eric Ginsberg says

Take off that silly-ass hat.

Glenn says

I want my money back. I found no photos of barenaked ladies.

LSK says

I still really wish I could've gone.

Gle3nn says

I used to love Barenaked Ladies. Be My Yoko Ono was the second song we danced to at my wedding. I find myself unable to get through their new album without my hands reaching out and replacing the CD with JoCo every time. It's sad, you just can't go home again.

Orkendark says

Wow, digging the cover art on ThingAWeek2.

Are we working on a seasonal theme?

Jennifer says you guys ever sleep?! Can we bring you two, I don't know, blankets or travel pillows or herbal tea? Or maybe some cannoli?

Well, take care! Your geographically scattered fans are grateful for the lengths to which you guys will go to bring the literary rawk. Seattle awaits its musical hobo lecture most patiently!

Sparky says

Heck, bring them some cannoli the size of travel pillows!

unmodisch says

Holy crap... JoCo and BNL in the same building on the same day? My head would've exploded with awesome overload.

So JoCo, what's your opinion of the 'Ladies? They happen to be in my top 5 favorite bands ever, and for the same reasons that I dig you -great songwriting, incredible musicianship, and a sense of whimsy. Although this latest CD is less whimsy and more emo or some shit. A little disappointing to me, but at least they still have the first two things.

Andrine says

Here's the first Friday night without a new song. *sigh* And to think I used to live in Minneapolis... Here I am out in Portland, Oregon jonesin' for a hit of new Coulton. When do you come out to the NW and do us right?

M_pony says

People in Real Life get fresh new TAW Coulton CDs before we do? Waah. no fair! Envy Envy Envy.

Kristin says

As someone who spent her entire day in Borders, I have to say that both shows were great, even though they had entirely different atmospheres. Thanks for coming out Jonathan! It was so cool to see you in person!

Photos will likely be coming to my gallery in the next few days (some BNL ones are already up), but I think Liza's pictures of JoCo are better than mine. I didn't get a seat in the front row for that one. :(