Somewhere in Illinois

By JoCo October 2, 2006

Chicago actually. Why is everything so huge here? It’s kind of freaking me out. Also it’s very cold in my room and I can’t make the thermostat work.
John and I did a fun reading at Borders yesterday afternoon – well-attended, plus free hot dogs. Here are some photos from Dan. Tonight we’ve got this free show at Second City at 7 PM, and then at 9:30 I’ll be doing my own thang at the House of Blues Back Porch, to be followed by the charming songsmiths Paul and Storm at 10:15. That sounds to me like enough entertainment to set this city aflame, perhaps sparing only the old water tower and the pumping station. Bring your asbestos suits!

Tomorrow, Milwaukee.


Tom Simonds says

Yo yo. What's your timeline tonight in Chicago - maybe we can meet.

Tom Simonds
I live in the Wicker Park neighborhood of the city.

Chris Radcliff says

"Why is everything so huge here? It’s kind of freaking me out."

From what I remember about growing up in Milwaukee, if something isn't built out of steel I-beams or reinforced brick, it's looked upon as suspiciously flimsy. This includes the art.

(I'm not kidding about that.)

Have fun in Chicago, and keep us San Diegans (in the land of papier-mache stuccoed huts) in your thoughts.

LSK says

Once again, I wish I could attend. Seriously. You've probably seen a lot of Jews wearing white walking around. It's Yom Kippur, holiest day of the Jewish year.

Amanda says

Sorry I couldn't get up to Chicago... Maybe if you're up there next year I'll be able to go... (I'll be driving in about a month! :D)

julie coulter says

Thanks for coming to Illinois - you rocked at the book reading. I hope that your show went well at the House of Blues tonight. If you go on tour with Paul and Storm in the future, you guys should visit St. Louis. Then we could make to a late night show any day of the week! :)

Justin says

Loved the concert, and it was great to meet you in person. I really should blog it, but as you can see I've hardly used my journal at all lately!

Tara says

Great show last night! My husband and brother enjoyed it as well. It was definetely worth the bumpy train ride and the chilly rain. I was a very happy girl after the First of May encore! We wish we could have stayed for Paul and Storm. Good Luck Jonathan Coulton, you're on the way up!

Phineas says

Hi Jonathan.

Thank you again for putting on your hat for this picture.

My best to everyone back at Skullcrusher Mountain.

Eric Ginsberg says

Given that The Areas of My Expertise cites Chicago as a fictitious city, I would imagine that it's a very interesting visit, full of awakenings for both Mr. Hodgman and the city's inhabitants (finding out that they don't really exist and all, and John having to be the one to break the news).

Josh says

Thanks for the great show last night, the First of May encore really stole the show.

Grant says

So glad you came to Chicago last night - sorry about the weather. It was great to see you in person and enjoy some of my favorite songs, live! It was definitely the first time I've gotten to sing like a zombie.

Thanks so much - and it was a pleasure to shake Mr. Hodgman's hand, too, and to hear a bit of the funny, funny Paul and Storm before I had to run for my train. Thanks, you rocked!

And I'm sure the people who were just stopping by for a burger and a beer liked your songs about robots, monkeys and evil geniuses just as much as the rest of us do. Once they got over their initial confusion.

Shane says

I, too, enjoyed the show last night immensely. It was a great evening, despite the hail. It was cool to spot you chatting with local hero Peter Sagal at the bar after the show! Or am I the only one who was geeky enough to notice?