By JoCo September 30, 2006

Here’s Len’s homage to the original Queen album cover. I didn’t even think about this when I decided to end with this song, but it’s sort of perfect. Thanks for everything Len, it’s been fantastic watching you make all this great stuff over the year – coloring book! And thanks to all the rest of you collaborators – Kerrin, Spiff, The Ill Clan, Ruth, and far too many more to name here. When you think about it, we really ARE the champions.


Lockjaw says

Thanks for such a great ride, Jonathan! It's been a lot of fun hearing what you've done each week. I'm going to miss TAW, but at least I'll have the cds!

The Podcast Junkie,

Jeremy Henty says

Butthead: Beavis, I just realised something!

Beavis: Unh-huh, what?

Butthead: This rocks. This rocks harder than anything's ever rocked before.

Sparky says

That is fabulous.

(I used to have nightmares about that album cover when I was a kid.)

Amanda says

You... You look like Jesus! That's awesome.... :D

Wayne from the UK says

Thank you so much Jonathan for so much wonderful music and creativity.

What will we do each week now?

I just mentioned to Len from Jawbone it would be wonderful to have a set of TAW's on CD's with liner notes that contain all the lyrics and each VTAW by Len.

You can reserve one of these for export here!!

Jameson says

You know, John Lennon once said:

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."

Yeah. Really deep. And slightly gay-sounding. But even though you're done, Jon, I really hope that you get some new material recorded. For us!

And Jimi Hendrix once said:

"I got a pet monkey called Charlie Chan."

All I can say is, HELL YEAH!