Thing a Week 52 – We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions

By JoCo September 29, 2006

Unbelievably, we are here. Thanks to all of you who sent in hand claps – every one of them is in there. It was very charming how almost all of you apologized for the quality of the recording, and suggested that I just throw it away and forget about it if it was unusable. I have taught you well – always, ALWAYS doubt yourself.

I’m sad and relieved that it’s the end. It’s been a really amazing trip from 1 to 52, and I can’t thank all of you enough for the many different kinds of support you’ve offered me over this last year. If you bought a CD, if you bought a song, if you sent a donation, if you drew a picture, if you made a video, if you stole a song and passed it along to a friend, if you babysat while I recorded vocals, even if you just wrote me to tell me you like the music, you are one of the reasons that this lasted a whole year. The difference between my life then and my life now is enormous, and it’s all because of you. And while the standard rich and famous contract continues to elude me, in the ways that really matter I am filthy, stinking rich.

Thank you.

We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions

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Ray Merkler says

Ooohhhhh, that made me sad. Looking forward to seeing you in Ardmore! Yo, are you going to be signing autographs afterwards? Furthermore, if you are, if I were to go in for a hug, will you be receptive, or will you run away from me? 'Cause I don't want to make you TOO uncomfortable. I promise not to touch you anywhere private.

Michael says

I'm verklempt. It's with great sadness that I see this project come to an end, but if it is to end, it's nice to see it end on such a high.

Thanks not just for this, but for the entire "Thing a Week" series.


Dave says

I heard my clap!

Kerrin says

Queen Rocks! JoCo Rocks! JoCo doing Queen....Rocks just doesn't cover it!
Now I'm depressed it's all over, but you deserve a break.

Dan says

Jon, you've made my life so much better with your music.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

DJ says

It's been one hell of a ride ... and I only really discovered you a few months into the "year". But I'm so glad I did.

You've inspired me, more than once, to push my own creative boundaries. For that, and for all the gifts you've given us in the past year or so, I thank you.

Zach says

I echo Dan. I am so glad I listed to theynow when they interviewed you, back before it was OK for zombies to speak about corporate synergy. What a journey!

Glenn says

Doubly sad. Wish I'd submitted a clap. Wishthere were going to be more.

Muncher says

I wasn't able to send a hand clap, I haven't paid for any music, I've never written to encourage you...but I do sing "Code Monkey" to my 7 month old fetus. That should count for something. I'm sure the number of unborn children who listen to you is few.

Matt says

For some reason I have this image in my mind of a solitary person sitting in the middle of a dark, empty arena, holding up a bic lighter.

Jon, enjoy your break. You deserve it. Over the past year, you've written, produced and released more songs than most "mainstream" artists will even think about in their careers. Not only that, but you had a higher success rate than any artist I've seen. That is an accomplishment that deserves a standing ovation. I salute you, sir.

Anemone says

Thanks for all the monkey business!


Alex says

I had guessed totally wrong as to what song you would cover, I would have thought "End of the Tour" - by TMBG

Sam says

What a way to finish :) My thanks for this and the other 51!

Anthony says

Good show, Mr. Coulton!

manstraw says

ah, it's kind of sad. I suspect I can multiple your feeling, multiply it by a million, and feel it when my kids leave home.

i didn't apologise about the quality of the clap when i emailed it, but I will now. i listened closely, and every other hand clap sounded better than mine. mine was big fat stinky weiner next to all those other cool handclaps.

i'm impressed you used them all. how many did you receive? did you say somewhere?

Carin says

That was a pretty cool way to end things. I was just being a supreme sap and looking through the collection of goodness that is yours and remembering what was going on with me when I first heard each song. They're like a big sound track for the year! Thanks for them all!

Farris says

Damn, sorry for lettin' the cat out of the bag inadvertantly:

This is truly awesome!

Spiff says

Thank you very much for all the wonderful music.

Jim Boggia says

Wow - It IS kinda sad. I like how you worked the suspense all day and posted after midnight - what a flair for the dramatic you have.

I have to admit, when I read your request for the handclaps (and since I had the inside track on what tune you'd be doing this week), I thought - "hmm, great concept, but it's never going to work - but it did. I wonder though - did you cheat? Are the handclaps of your minoins "augmented" by secret, "professional", studio musician hand clappers?

Oh - and is it me or is the key relationship between the two songs different than the original?

Congrats. You are my virtual-world hero.

Um, you're playing Ardmore again?

Richie says

Wow... I honestly have only been around for the last 30 weeks, but Friday evenings after work, Thing a Week has been my first order of business upon getting home.

Thanks for making me laugh, and congratulations on the end of such an awesome project and gift to all of us listeners.

I look forward to seeing you play for Hodgman at Book Soup again next month!

Keith says

JC, first off, thanks for 52 great things. I listened to the other 51 back to back last week, and it's an impressive collection. You should be very proud.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with next now that you won't always be under the gun. I'm also looking forward to seeing you play live.

As far as We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions goes, it's a very fitting ending, and I have to say that I suspected that was what you were up to with the handclaps, given Queen's heavy role in our vital developmental days of rollerskating. ;-)

One funny thing about listening to it. The first time through, the line "I've had my share of sand kicked in my face" sounded to me like "I've had my sheriffs and kicked in my face." Once I sent it down to the forensics lab for audio analysis, I was able to pick out the appropriate lyric. Big thanks to the boys down in the lab for that.

Congratulations on the accomplishment, and here's to continuing good luck. May the best song of your past be the worst song of your future.

Spencer says


I haven't been following the experiment since the beginning. I was introduced to your work by a friend of mine-- the nephew of Spiff, who does all the WoW videos. Spiff had just finished "Re: Your Brains", and I watched it.

I fell in love with the song, and when my friend gave me more of your music, I was even more enthralled. Your stuff was witty, well-performed, and it made me laugh. I'm a hardcore Winamp user, but I even downloaded iTunes so that I could subscribe to your podcast. I loved it.

I'm very sorry to see that the experiment failed. You have incredible talent, Mr. Coulton, and I think it's a shame that the generosity of people failed. I'm ashamed that I didn't donate. Granted, being a high school student, I have not as much money to spend as others, but the point remains. The online game, Kingdom of Loathing, runs solely on donations, which are big enough and/or frequent enough that the development team of at least 4 people can make their living without any other jobs. Obviously, a free, high-quality service based off of donations can work. It just didn't do so here.

I sincerely hope that you'll continue to update this site-- not with music, necessarily, but with your writing, and your insight. I would love to know where you go next with life, even if there isn't a new song every Friday or anything like that.

I sincerely wish you the best of luck, sir. May your future bring what you truly desire.



cecil vortex says

yes. and Freddie takes us all home. I once tried a solo acoustic cover of Bohemian Rhapsody and let me just say, it didn't come out quite so good.
Congratulations on a beautiful close and a year well spent. You are one inspiring freaking dude, is what you are.

Plaid Phantom says

Y'know, I've always felt those songs were overused. So much so to the point that I'd cringe every time I hear them. Yet you rock my socks so hard I can't help but love 'em. Bravo.

Robomilk says

Such a fitting song for such an occasion.

Thank you.

Andrea says

Well, I don't mean to brag, but my handclap was totally the best one. I went to a soundproof booth, pumped in only the purest air so no dust motes would interfere with the ineffable clappiness of my hands, and clapped my heart out. I clapped for eight hours straight, then I took a break and ordered pizza and went back in and clapped for five hours more, until my hands were raw and red and cracked.

Then my producer and I sat down and sifted through all the footage until we found IT: the perfect clap. Of course, we didn't overproduce it, we just added the subtlest reverb with the studio software, encoded it in the most lossless of formats on a sector of hard disk that had never previously seen a bit, and lovingly sent it off to Mr. Coulton under armed guard in the middle of the night so the paparazzi wouldn't leak the clap to the internet one second early.

It was a clap for the ages. Even if, thirty years from now, the DJ on the radio introduces it as a one-clap-wonder and I feel old and tired and forgotten, still the beauty of that clap will bring back the brilliance of this moment, when my clap was first released and all was right with the world.

Oh, and hey, JC, congrats on finishing your project or whatever. That must have taken a lot of work.

Andrine says

Oh Mr. Coulton! Can it really be the end? I don't think I can adequately relate how much your music has effected my family. We all became obsessed and wander around the house singing one damn song after another. It's startling how frequently I wake with yet another chorus of yours running through my head.

We have several performers in our home, vaudevillians, musicians and actors, all of whom have been delighted with your hysterical and moving work. Now I will drop names: HJP of the Flying Karamazov Brothers, comedic jugglers extrordinaire, and their primary lyricist, is my partner and totally reveres your work. DRC, cellist of the Colorado String Quartet plays disks she's downloaded (and paid for) while driving around NY in her car. I am but an egg, but I am really your biggest fan in Portland, Oregon. Come visit us! We will wine and dine you (or at any rate, whine).

Now let me tell you a wonderful story for your archives. Our spouse-mate was diagnosed with breast cancer in July. She had her surgery last Friday. While preparing for the surgery, she created a disk of music to play during the procedure and her surgeron agreed to play it in the operating room. Most of the music was by friends of ours, to be comforting to her during all of this. But when the surgeon came out of the operating room to tell how it went, he said that at one point the entire surgical team was laughing so hard that they had to stop operating for a couple of minutes before they could continue; it turns out that she had felt it appropriate to include Skull Crusher Mountain on the disk to lighten things up. It's got to be healthy to have your surgeon and staff laughing uncontrollably for several minutes in the midst of your surgery. She's recovering incredibly quickly and looks fabulous. You are in part to thank for this. Thanks.

Thanks for everything. Thanks hugely. You rock my world. We will meet someday and I will thank you in person. All of this time I knew that I’d be losing you. That doesn’t mean that it’s OK. That doesn’t mean I’m ready.
Fold my heart up small, Or break it into pieces, Find somewhere and keep it there, Take it when you go.

Tom Smith says

That is just too cool. Sir, you are an inspiration. I really, really hope you make it to OVFF or some other convention -- I owe you a beer or six.

Holger says

Thank You

Hippobabe says

Jonathan Coulton - not so much a music act as a community. That was quite an inspirational story from Andrine. It's comforting to know that one's surgical team is intelligent enough to appreciate the JoConian wit. Speaking of which, Andrea, your contribution was a tour de force of said wit. I hope JoCo realises he was actually being appreciated, but in a nice way. I'm very, very glad to have discovered JoCo while he is still answering fan mail personally. It's a new experience, to genuinely engage with an artist. So thank you for that generosity, Jonathan. You have supported your fans too and shared yourself in a self-effacing way that is just as groundbreaking as the TAW project. Congratulations on a job well done.

Miles says

I don't even like Queen, but I love you man. I will miss Thing A Week very much.

Paul Wilson says


Thank you for such a brilliant thing every week, I have loved everthing and will miss it very much.


eboychik says

These tributes are so moving. I discovered your music through a They Might Be Giants fan podcast that featured Chiron Beta Prime, bought the (at the time) complete boxed set of music, and made a recurring appointment on my calendar to purchase and download your new song every Saturday. Doing so made me feel like a small-time Medici.

Then I discovered I could get them on Friday night! I would include the lyrics (still missing some - "error 404 not found!") Then I started adding all of Len's beautiful illustrations to my iPod.

Sure I will miss the weekly updates, but I will also look forward to whatever comes next, and I will enjoy the many, many wonderful songs we've gotten.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy a well-earned rest. And having worked for over 25 years, until a few years ago, for virtually every major record label, trust me - you don't want to get tied up with those weasels. They all want their artists to be you - building your own following, selling music, with minimal promotional expense. So who needs them?

As Yoko Ono said, "We're never apart - the air connects us."

Bran says

I was only introduced to your music a few weeks ago when a friend played Creepy Doll on his online stream, and the last few weeks have been plagued by familial and monetary problems. Your music really helped pull me through. If I actually had spare money to give, I would give every cent of it to you.

Robert White says


Dude. The ride this past year has been fun. Thanks for everything, man.

I'm depressed. I feel like a year long affair is coming to an end. I can't wait for the box set so that I can savor each and every exciting memory.

Jody LaFerriere says

Some great stories in there. And Andrea, I totally knew that there was one professionally produced handclap - you cheater!

JoCo, how I will miss the Thing a Week...words can't even say. My husband tells me I'm obsessing about it.

The Queen song(s) - just perfect. I thought it impossible for anyone to do Freddy justice but you have done so in spades.

See you around the interwebs

M_pony says

We are the champions. Yep, we sure are. If you play my handclap on repeat a thousand times you'll understand how I feel.

Nicely done, my friend.

Much appreciation for everything,

humanbomb says

Wow... I started listening to Thing a Week at around "So far so good," and I've forced just about every person I know to listen to any song I thought they'd like. You've done an amazing thing musically and creatively!

I'm in a band that has a goal of one song a week (thanks to you)! I don't know if it's harder with more people, but for four people who work together really well it can still be like pulling teeth. I have an idea as to the effort you must put into this. Thank you mister Jonathan Coulton for doing what you do so well.

When it hit me that this would be the last one (and a good solid cover). I figured I'd better let you know that I loved every week. Your music has been played across most of a year of my life and very few artists can say that.

You are a rockstar with more fame and riches than any other!


Greg Williams says

And here I was guessing your last Thing a Week would be a cover of George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass." (Nice wordplay, but what would you have done with all the handclaps?)

Nice. Nice.

I've greatly enjoyed being along for the ride, as you've made your way through your year of forced creativity. I suspect it will pay off massively, soon enough. Best wishes to you, sir!

Jesse says

I've never posted before, but I've been following thing of the week ever since a friend of mine sent code monkey to me. At some point recently I bought the complete boxed set. I love it. You're an amazing musician, both a brilliant lyricist and a great preformer. Whatever you do next, please keep all of us informed, becuase I'm sure it will be good.

JY says

Great job! The harmonies seemed very solid and in tune. If you don't mind my asking, do you ever use a tuning plugin like Autotune or are you just fortunate enough to have a voice with which you have rock-solid control over pitch?


Carin says

I'm still mulling over the comment that called this a failed experiment. Failed? If it wasn't for Thing a Week, most of us wouldn't have found him.

MikeB says

I agree with Carin -- failed? My as# is failed. JoCo produced a huge number of great songs, gained a ton of fans, achieved semi-celebrity-status on the 'net, and has been able to support himself (at least in some way) with his creative pursuits. Those are fantastic accomplishments! And why is everyone so sad? 52 Songs in a year...what an incredible achievement! Sounds like something worth celebrating, to me.

Congrats, Jonathan!

Blake says

We love JoCo! We sing our seven month old not "Code Monkey" but "Re Your Brains" and it calms her down, as do other JoCo tunes.

This was great and if it didn't produce the volumes of cash that JoCo would've liked, donations are still open and there's no reason to think that the money won't keep trickling, how many of us will go see him in concert?! All of us, that's how many!

Zro says

I never expected We Are The Champions to make me want to cry. Hell, I never expected you to make me want to cry. You are amazing. I am now really regretting that I didn't send in a clap. So it goes.

I can't wait to see what you do next.

You are the greatest!

Gle3nn says

This song made me smile. Great way to bring it home. Thank you so very much for a year of musical genius. You have produced more great songs in a year than most musicians produce over their whole career.
You have been an inspiration to me, making me take a look at what kind of things I can do weekly. Thanks for the kick in my complacency.
I wish you great success in your future endeavors. Thank you.

SampleSize says

Congrats Jonathan. Pretty amazing that you were able to complete any project at all every week for a year, let alone these songs that are almost all exceptional quaility writing, performance and recording.

J. D. Harper says

Amazing. I'd never liked We Will Rock You until I heard it today. Well done.

Thanks for all your efforts on this project. We're all going to miss you!

Edward H says

Code Monkey want CD!!!

I've been meaning to send donations or subscribe or something ever since hearing Baby Got Back on Coverville. Slacker that I am, I never got around to it. So, to make it up, as the CDs come out, I'll buy them. ...As soon as I get around to it.

I did get several cow-workers excited about Code Monkey. "Dude! It's a love song!!!"

Thanks, 52 times over.

Spencer says

Carin-- that was me. I'll speak up and try to justify myself here.

I absolutely love JoCo's stuff. It is brilliant, and he produced some amazing work in the last year. I'm not calling that a failure. What I'm referring to is the experiment of making a living off of it, as I believe the original idea was. Please don't get me wrong-- I am ever so grateful that Jonathan did this, because it was an excellent idea with some great results. But in terms of subsistence, the experiment failed-- or so I believe.

At any rate, I appear to have struck an off-note, so I'll just swallow my tongue here and retreat quietly. Sorry if I offended.

Rob says


Every week I come to this website, greatly looking forward to your next "thing of the week" - I feel sad that this particular experiment is over but I just hope you recharge your batteries and continue to write and record such great music.


Will T. says

It's a shame I had to break the perfect symmetry of 52 comments, but I've got to thank you for all the music you've put out here over the last year. I remember when I first heard your songs- my first thought was "If I could make any music myself, I would want this to be it!" The most astounding thing about your music is the way you span every point between hilarity and poignancy- including some surprisingly educational subject matter.

Anyway, so thank you. And What's Next?

Oh, and I hated We Will Rock You before I heard your cover. Too perfect.

Stevie Skowron says

52 Awesome tracks. Simple as that. I'll be buying the TAW box set of CD's (you will be doing one..?) You deserve every penny.

And now, enjoy a break where you do absoloutely noting creative for a little while. You deserve it. :D

winegeek says

Great experiment. You can be proud of all the lives you've touched with your TAW project. Fridays will never be the same around my household, that's for sure.

Please, please continue to make music. You are an incredible talent. I'm already feeling the efects of JoCo withdrawls. Yikes.

JoCo says

Regarding the success or failure of this experiment - I don't know! Depends on what the purpose was supposed to be, which changed depending on how I was feeling. I'm not sure I was hoping this would accomplish anything specific. I did want to push myself, learn to write more easily, not fear the blank page, etc. I also wanted it to get me some attention, which it certainly has. I never dreamed I'd actually make a living this way, though the last few months have been pretty good - certainly in some parts of the country it would count as such if those numbers were to continue on forever. But I suspect that now that TAW is not active, the numbers will drop, so it's really not a long term solution. But I made enough to have some self respect as a full-time musician, which is saying something. I did not come out the other side rich and famous, but I'm really glad to have done it.

There will be more music. Just not on a deadline for a while...

Jim says

Mr. Coulton, you've done an unbelievable job. It's been an exciting ride -- some weeks may have been better than others, but all things considered it's a testament to a creativity and dedication nearly unmatched in music.

I'm really inspired -- there's just something to be said for sitting down and getting it done. I'm a game programmer myself -- nothing special, just a spare time activity -- but I've found myself afraid a number of times that I wasn't going to create anything that was worth a damn. "Standard creative doubt," I think, was the term. I'm gonna have to give this a shot -- just sit down and try to get some work done each week or whatnot. Don't worry, just work.

Wonderful job, sir, and best wishes for continued success.

Greg says

I would just like to thank you for all of the effort you've put into this. Both for yourself and for all of us fans you've created over the past year and more. I look forward to hearing more of your work in the future and can't wait to get my hands on the CD set you plan to release. I've introduced tons of my friends to your amazing songs and plan to continue to do so.

Jonnie says

Jon, I've been a fan of your music since approximately 1992, when I first heard "Austrian Secret". I've been unbelieveably impressed with your creativity throughout the last year, and you have inspired me to try my hand at more music writing. I've even been able to compose a song or two that didn't suck this year, and I feel like you're partly to blame for it. So thanks for that. You have a dedicated following of at least 10 people here in Iowa City, and I'm hoping that number will only increase as you release more quirky, intelligent, melodic and memorable tunes.

God bless Jonathan Coulton. And God bless monkeys.


Melissa H. says

Seems like every time I find something wonderful online, it ends within a couple of months, and this is no exception. I first discovered your music when I was looking at World of Warcraft music videos and ran across the video for "Re: Your Brains." The most recent song at the time was, I believe, "You Ruined Everything," so I really started listening to this right at the end. I loaded my iPod up with my favorites, and now I listen to them while driving to and from college for the weekends. It makes the trip less boring, although singing along makes me a little hoarse after the 45 minute drive!

I have a story of my own to share: I had just loaded up my iPod before leaving for Gen Con 2006, and I wanted my boyfriend to hear some of the older songs that he hadn’t heard yet. When we were eating lunch in the window of one of the skywalks at the convention center, I hooked up my travel speakers to listen while we ate. I was apparently too focused in on my food, because I heard my boyfriend say “I don’t know” to someone. He then asked me if the song we were listening to was called “Skull Crusher Mountain.” When I said it was, he said that someone had asked on their way past. Whoever had asked was long gone, but I was surprised that someone would recognize it. Silly me, I didn’t know that your music was so popular!

I didn’t know that the TAW was only going to go on for a set amount of time, so it was a real shock to me when I read the explanation of “Summer’s Over.” Always sad to see something like this go, but as they say, even the best things must come to an end. Although my praise and admiration means little, you have it a million times over. Thanks for the laughs and the tears that your music will continue to bring every time I hear it.

captnkurt says


Like everyone else here, I'm chiming in to say thanks so much for the 52 gems this past year. Something I have always wondered about is how your creative process works. Over this past year what was the typical week like? What was the hardest TAW to write and/or produce, and why? The easiest?

Like a lot of the JoCo Faithful, I'll be stocking up on your CDs for Christmas gifts. Anyone know what the ZIP code is for Chiron Beta Prime?

Enjoy the time off! We're all looking forward to whatever you decide to tackle in the future.

Craig says

Dude, thanks for your awesome songs. The first one I heard was Code Monkey, and I've never looked back.

Thanks for something to look forward to in the week.

Lauren says

Words can't convey my deep appreciation for your music, this song, everything. It's been a blast. I eagerly anticipate anyandeverything you do next.

Michael Letterle says

*sniff* I certainly hope that there's more music to be had, even if it's not on a regular basis :)

Thanks for the memories!

Dean says

I first found your site when you did 'Baby got back' and have come back every week since. I never got around to donating even though I always wanted to. Well, better late than never. It's not much but hopfully, it'll be a bit of a bribe for you to come and perform in the Land of Milk and Honey (I mean New Jersey, of course).

Great work and I'm looking forward to more JC in the future!

illbixby says

Ahhh no it can't end!! Lets all sign a petition or something, yeah that's it. Great ride jonathan, wish it could go on forever but hey, we don't want to kill ya. Thanks for the great music and the great opportunities by using creative commons. Lets see what the future holds for us all next.

ps how about a song a month?! yeah, I smell victory!!

Raposa says

I first heard of you through the World of Warcraft videos (Re: Your Brains and Just as Long as Me), and have to tell you that I love your music. Keep writing songs! Keep making them available for us to listen to and buy!

C4bl3Fl4m3 says

It's gonna be weird w/o a new song every week. I'm gonna miss you. :*(

I hope you still keep writing and putting new music up. Seeing you in person rocked my world and I can hardly wait until you come back to DC.

I also support the above poster's idea about a Song a Month. That would be cool.

David says

Being lame, I only found you a month ago, but what a month it's been. I have e-mailed your songs & links far and wide. You, sir, are the bomb.

Adam R. says

JoCo, thanks a ton for all the great music.

Dawn says

Congratulations on the completion of the Thing a Week. You did exactly what you said you would do and you did an awesome job. Can't wait for the next CD. I'll be waiting!

Denise says

Wow, I can't believe it's been a whole year. Thanks for all the great music!

Lizardback says

An extraordinary run! You have essentially written four albums in one year. Wow. I am thrilled to know of your talents and creativity. It has kept me going while at work and made me laugh and learn to appreciate subtle things, like squids' feelings. Thank you for your tireless efforts, and may you receive a fat contract in the near future. You have earned your break. You should hit Disney World.

Slythfox says

It took a week to realise what this really meant... I was really looking forward to number 53, until I realised you were done.

Kewagi says

Jon, you reawakened with Thing a Week a love for music and crazy things in me that I thought I had lost. Some of your songs touched me in ways I didn't know before, and others are like trusted companions to me already. Thank you. Thank you.

Jerry says

Damn. I've been a bit snowed at work for the past few weeks and just got around to listening (my poor Mac has been feeling very neglected...).

Damn. You made me cry.

Thank you, JC. Thank you, Len. Thank you, all you video hams. Thank you, Dave, for clueing me in. I need to think of TAW anytime I forget to be grateful for what I have....

-- Jerry

klaas says

Thank you for these 52 songs. They go everywhere with me (yay for ipod). It's a pitty this project ends here... I could really go for another year of songs...

tom says

Thanks for 52 weeks... I'll settle for 12 months... anything. Love the music!

Anya from the Alternative Teen Music PodCast says

I've played lots of your music on my show and I'm really sad to see you stop Thing a week. Please post some more stuff on The Podsafe Music Network or on your site I don't want the wonderful music to stop!

All of these songs are amazing and We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions must have so hard to put togther, all those handclaps!

Love the music always!


amy says

put in tracks we can download so we can put it on slideshows andf other media

SHINN says

its wonderful
i am aribien boy i love to have good friend

Jeffpk says


I just signed up for thing a week. Does this mean I *can't* send you a dollar a week? It seemed a small price to pay to support an artist I really like.

Well, if that's true, let me know, and Ill go buy a bunch of the album downloads instead 8)

Wicked Kisses says

Finally, and I must say, sadly, I feel I've come in too late.
I feel very much like Oliver Twist.
More please??

I love your original works, and you doing L. Cohen is just awesome!

Roger says

I really love what I've heard so far and I guess I'm too late for TaW. Any chance you could stop by Ohio?

I first heard your song on a video game music video for Re: Your Brains and i bought that and fantastic. Then when I heard the song you did on Portal I knew I needed more.
You are one of the most creative people i have ever seen Sir Coulton and i tip my hat to you. You're better and more creative than 95% of the artists out there and I'd like to think that even in a small way you have improved my quality of life.

ResidentWesker says

Coulton I am so incredibly sorry that I was only able to locate you a couple of weeks ago. Now that this whole thing is over I feel I was never really a part of your fan base, but regardless I would like you to know that your music is amazing. When I'm down in the dumps all I need to do is listen to one of your songs, you have a very beautiful voice which should be more appreciated. Well all that's left for me to do is say a happy new years to you Mr. Coulton, in 9 minutes it will be 2008 where I'm at, I resolve to help you in your cause of becoming famous, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Nate says

Hey compared to me, all those guys aren't late all. Unfortunately I just found out about your music almost a year after it all happens and i just got to say that i'm sad that you have stopped making music. Your an amazing musician that really should make some more songs if not because you want to, then just for the good old times. Thanks, Nate.

paul davin says

As the the comment above said we're the one's who are late, I've the first comment of 2010.Im only remembering your name from the portal song since a differnt comment said it, i just spent about 2 hours reading comments(trying to make up for being a few years late^^) and its now 3:00am here in ireland and all the letters on my screen are going blurry but i just had to that i love you and all your songs i just lisented to over the past completly sincerly, for the bottem of my heart, with all my love and hope that you continue makeing music, Thank YOU

-Paul Davin(hope your still check these comments every once in a while)

Chris Vollink says

I write to you from a Nintendo DSi.

I HAD a long, heartfelt message about how your music kept me from killing myself recently. [Long story.] However, I accidentally hit ''Cancel'' instead of ''OK''. Therefore, I will personally write to you via either [''Skullcrusher Mountain'' just started on my iPod :D] email or snail mail as soon as possible. This personal address will probably be quite long, so prepare for an endless onslaught of praise!!!